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20 results
  • Prevention of dental accidents in Swiss boxing clubs. [Journal Article]
    Swiss Dent J 2015; 125(12):1322-1335Ifkovits T, Kühl S, … Filippi A
  • Boxing involves a high risk of dental trauma due to the impact of enormous external forces against the head. Wearing a mouthguard is, therefore, mandatory. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of dental trauma as well as the utilization and quality of mouthguards in Swiss boxing clubs. In order to achieve this, data on the mouthguards of 217 boxers in total were collected using qu…
  • Horizontal alveolar distraction of the mandibular canine regions for implant placement. [Case Reports]
    J Craniofac Surg 2010; 21(3):830-2Bulut E, Muglali M, … Bekcioglu B
  • Horizontal alveolar augmentation by distraction osteogenesis is an alternative method for reconstructing atrophic alveolar bone. A 65-year-old woman with atrophy of the alveolar rim in the anterior lower jaw, which had inadequate width for implant placement, was presented. Under general anesthesia, vertical and horizontal osteotomies of the buccolabial cortical bone were performed in the canine r…
  • [Functional recovery in hemifacial transplants in rats]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Neurol 2007 Oct 1-15; 45(7):389-92González-García E, Landín-Jarillo L, Piqueras-Del Rey A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The hemifacial flap can be transplanted. By repairing the nerves of the allograft, it is possible to achieve its functional recovery, as can be confirmed clinically, electrophysiologically and histopathologically. To date, this is the first evidence of functional recovery following a hemifacial transplant in rats.
  • Garcin's syndrome--a case report. [Case Reports]
    Surg Neurol 2007; 67(2):184-5; discussion 185Alapatt JP, Premkumar S, Vasudevan RC
  • CONCLUSIONS: Garcin's syndrome is a very rare neurosurgical entity. The course of the condition depends on the nature of underlying pathology.
  • Effects of hypoglossal and facial nerve injuries on milk-suckling. [Journal Article]
    Int J Dev Neurosci 2006; 24(1):29-34Fujita K, Yokouchi K, … Moriizumi T
  • Functional roles of the perioral anatomical structures involved in breastfeeding were examined in newborn rat pups in which the hypoglossal (XII) and facial (VII) nerves had been resected at the neonatal stage. The XII nerve controls tongue movement and is comprised of two functionally distinct branches: the medial branch related to protrusion of the tongue and the lateral branch related to its r…
  • Three-dimensional structure of the modiolus. A computerized reconstruction study. [Journal Article]
    Saudi Med J 2003; 24(8):846-9Demiryurek D, Bayramoglu A, … Nazikoglu A
  • CONCLUSIONS: As the structure has great clinical importance, and satisfactory complete 3-D analysis of the subject is not yet available; we believe that our study presenting the histological and 3-D description of the modiolus will be of great help to surgeons for satisfactory esthetic and functional results during surgical operations related to the oral commissure.
  • Endoscopic laser-assisted excision of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibromas. [Case Reports]
    Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2003; 129(4):454-9Mair EA, Battiata A, Casler JD
  • CONCLUSIONS: Traditional external surgical approaches to large JNAs may result in significant morbidity. Laser-assisted image-guided endoscopic excision of JNAs is a safe and effective minimally invasive surgical treatment. Its distinct advantages include (1) diminished blood loss, (2) superior cosmesis without observed altered facial growth, (3) direct access of skull base with minimal morbidity, and (4) ease of endoscopic follow-up.
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