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211 results
  • Precise Three-Dimensional Morphology of the Male Anterior Anorectum Reconstructed From Large Serial Histologic Sections: A Cadaveric Study. [Journal Article]
    Dis Colon Rectum 2019; 62(10):1238-1247Okada T, Hasegawa S, … Sakai Y
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study involved a small sample size of elderly cadavers.This study clarified the precise spatial relationship between smooth and striated muscles. The detailed anatomic findings will contribute more accurate step-by-step anterior dissection in intersphincteric resection and abdominoperineal resection, especially with the transanal approach, which can magnify the muscle fiber direction and contraction of striated muscle by electrostimulation. MORFOLOGÍA TRIDIMENSIONAL PRECISA DEL ANORRECTO ANTERIOR MASCULINO RECONSTRUIDO A TRAVÉS DE SECCIONES MAYORES HISTOLÓGICAS EN SERIE: UN ESTUDIO CADAVÉRICO: El conocimiento anatómico amplio del anorrecto anterior masculino es importante para evitar lesiones de uretra y perforación de recto en la resección interesfinterica o la resección abdominoperineal para cáncer de recto bajo. Sin embargo, su estructura es difícil de entender porque el anorrecto, los músculos y los órganos urogenitales están aliñados en forma complexa tridimensional.
  • Can Botulinum-A Toxin Be Used to Delay Ejaculation: Results of an Ejaculation Model in Male Rats. [Journal Article]
    J Sex Med 2019; 16(9):1338-1343Ongün Ş, Acar S, … Demir O
  • CONCLUSIONS: Botulinum-A toxin injection is a potential treatment option for PE and should be further investigated by future clinical studies.Injection of botulinum-A toxin into the BS muscle in rats significantly delayed the ejaculation latency time and affected the expulsion phase. Ongün S, Acar S, Koca P, et al. Can Botulinum-A Toxin Be Used to Delay Ejaculation: Results of an Ejaculation Model in Male Rats. J Sex Med 2019;16:1338-1343.
  • Activity-Based Training Alters Penile Reflex Responses in a Rat Model of Spinal Cord Injury. [Journal Article]
    J Sex Med 2019; 16(8):1143-1154Steadman CJ, Hoey RF, … Hubscher CH
  • CONCLUSIONS: ABT has a positive influence on sexual function and provides a potential therapy to enhance the efficacy of current sexual dysfunction therapies in the male SCI population.These results indicate that task-specific stepping and/or loading provide sensory input to the spinal cord impacting the neural circuitry responsible for sexual function. Steadman CJ, Hoey RF, Montgomery LR, et al. Activity-Based Training Alters Penile Reflex Responses in a Rat Model of Spinal Cord Injury. J Sex Med 2019; 16:1143-1154.
  • Three muscle slings of the pelvic floor in women: an anatomic study. [Journal Article]
    Anat Sci Int 2019Baramee P, Muro S, … Akita K
  • The region anterior to the anal canal in women is composed of intertwined smooth and skeletal muscles. The present study aimed to clarify skeletal muscle morphology in the anterior region of the anal canal. The pelvic floor muscles of 28 pelvic halves from 16 female cadavers (mean age 79.75 years) were dissected from the inferior aspect to examine the perineal muscles, followed by midline transec…
  • StatPearls: Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Perineal Body [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Siccardi Marco A. MA San Paolo Hospital Savona Bordoni Bruno B Foundation Don Carlo Gnocchi IRCCS BOOK
  • Introduction The perineal body (PB), also referred to as the central tendon of the perineum, is a fibro-muscular structure located in the midline of the perineum. Its exact location is the midline of the perineum at the junction of the anus and urogenital triangle in both females and males. In males, it is located between the anus and bulb of the penis, whereas in females it is found between the …
  • Signs of damage in pelvic floor muscles at the end of pregnancy in rabbits. [Journal Article]
    Int Urogynecol J 2019; 30(6):977-984Sánchez-García O, Hernández-Aragón LG, … Castelán F
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our findings demonstrate reliable signs of damage to Bsm and Pcm muscles in young female rabbits passing different reproductive stages. Damage to the Bsm muscles as detected at the end of pregnancy persisted after delivery. This was not the case for Pcm muscles, in which damage seems to appear after delivery.
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