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  • Cocaine-Induced Giant Bullous Emphysema. [Case Reports]
    Case Rep Med. 2020; 2020:6410327.Douedi S, Upadhyaya VD, … Hossain MA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Cocaine use is a rare but identifiable factor that can cause giant bullous emphysema (GBE) resulting in severe complications and even death. The purpose of this case presentation is to support early identification and treatment of GBE using bullectomy with VATS, improving outcomes and decreasing morbidity and mortality.
  • Nonintubated Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery for the Management of Primary and Secondary Spontaneous Pneumothorax. [Review]
    Thorac Surg Clin. 2020 Feb; 30(1):15-24.Chen PH, Hung WT, Chen JS
  • Nonintubated video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for the treatment of primary and secondary pneumothorax was first reported in 1997 by Nezu. However, studies on this technique are few. Research in the past 20 years has focused on the perioperative outcomes, including the surgical duration, length of hospital stay, and postoperative morbidity and respiratory complication rates, which appear to be…
  • Giant bulla or pneumothorax: How to distinguish. [Journal Article]
    Int J Surg Case Rep. 2019; 62:21-23.Aramini B, Ruggiero C, … Morandi U
  • CONCLUSIONS: The main complications of bullae are pneumothorax, infection and hemorrhage. Pneumothorax is a serious complication in patients with compromised lung function. Therefore, it is very important to carefully distinguish bullae from pneumothorax to avoid iatrogenic pneumothorax in patients with bullous disease.We emphasize how to differentiate between giant bullae and pneumothorax utilizing history, physical examination, and radiological studies, including computed tomography (CT) scan.
  • Unexpected Tension Pneumothorax-Hemothorax during Induction of General Anaesthesia. [Case Reports]
    Case Rep Anesthesiol. 2019; 2019:5017082.Amaniti E, Provitsaki C, … Grosomanidis V
  • Tension pneumothorax during general anaesthesia is a rare but possibly deleterious event, especially where predisposing factors are absent or unknown, making diagnosis even challenging. We describe a case of a healthy middle-aged woman, who was planned to receive general anaesthesia for total thyroidectomy. After intubation, the patient experienced marked hypoxemia (SpO2=75%), hypotension, and ta…
  • [Indications and results of surgical resection of bubbles arising from pulmonary emphysema]. [Case Reports]
    Pan Afr Med J. 2018; 31:48.Ndiaye A, Nkomo DDB, … Ndiaye M
  • Surgical resection of bubbles or bullectomy is the gold standard in the treatment of bubbles arising from pulmonary emphysema. It is usually indicated for patients with complicated bubbles or when they are the underlying cause of disabling dyspnea. This study aims to determine the indications for bullectomy and to evaluate surgical outcomes in our Department. We conducted a retrospective, descrip…
  • Spontaneous pneumothorax in cocaine users. [Journal Article]
    QJM. 2019 Jul 01; 112(7):519-522.Ciriaco P, Rossetti F, … Negri G
  • CONCLUSIONS: Spontaneous pneumothorax in cocaine-inhaler subjects is a reality of which physicians need to be aware. Chest CT scan might not reveal abnormalities. Macroscopically the lung might presents bullae and/or peculiar visceral pleura. Foreign body granulomas observed in the specimens suggest that the particulate component of inhaled substances can injure the lung. Surgical treatment of the bullous disease and mechanical pleurodesis can provide a long-term follow-up without relapse of pneumothorax.
  • Giant bullous emphysema mistaken for traumatic pneumothorax. [Journal Article]
    Int J Surg Case Rep. 2019; 56:50-54.Ferreira Junior EG, Costa PA, … Loureiro BM
  • CONCLUSIONS: The clinical picture of a patient with GBE can be similar to that of pneumothorax, and GBE has been reported as being misdiagnosed as pneumothorax [4,5]. A CT scan can play an important role in differentiating these conditions [6], thus avoiding needle decompression, which can be catastrophic [6].Giant bullous emphysema can represent a pitfall in trauma assessment. We recommend that in cases where pneumothorax is suspected, if the patient is clinically stable, imaging studies should be performed prior to chest tube placement.
  • Approach to pneumothorax surgery: a national survey of current UK practice. [Journal Article]
    Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. 2019 Mar; 27(3):180-186.Asghar Nawaz M, Apparau D, … Shackcloth M
  • CONCLUSIONS: There is variability in the surgical management of pneumothorax among surgeons across the UK, but they all use video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery as the intervention of choice for pneumothorax surgery, and there is a shift towards early surgical intervention.
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