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91 results
  • Repurposing Butenafine as An Oral Nanomedicine for Visceral Leishmaniasis. [Journal Article]
    Pharmaceutics 2019; 11(7)Bezerra-Souza A, Fernandez-Garcia R, … Serrano DR
  • Leishmaniasis is a neglected tropical disease affecting more than 12 million people worldwide, which in its visceral clinical form (VL) is characterised by the accumulation of parasites in the liver and spleen, and can lead to death if not treated. Available treatments are not well tolerated due to severe adverse effects, need for parenteral administration and patient hospitalisation, and long du…
  • Butenafine and analogues: An expeditious synthesis and cytotoxicity and antifungal activities. [Journal Article]
    J Adv Res 2018; 14:81-91Porras AMG, Terra BS, … de Fátima Â
  • The incidence of fungal infections is considered a serious public health problem worldwide. The limited number of antimycotic drugs available to treat human and animal mycosis, the undesirable side effects and toxicities of the currently available drugs, and the emergence of fungal resistance emphasizes the urgent need for more effective antimycotic medicines. In this paper, we describe a rapid, …
  • Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed): Butenafine [BOOK]
    National Library of Medicine (US): Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Topical butenafine has not been studied during breastfeeding. Because it is poorly absorbed after topical application, it is not likely to reach the bloodstream of the infant or cause any adverse effects in breastfed infants. Ensure that the infant's skin does not come into direct contact with the areas of skin that have been treated. Only water-miscible cream or gel products should be applied to…
  • Topical antiviral and antifungal medications in pregnancy: a review of safety profiles. [Review]
    J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2017; 31(9):1440-1446Patel VM, Schwartz RA, Lambert WC
  • Medications should be employed with caution in women of childbearing age who are pregnant or considering pregnancy. Compared to oral or parenteral agents, topical medications have limited systemic absorption and are deemed safer. However, their safety profile must be assessed cautiously due to the limited available data. In this article, we aggregate human and animal studies to provide recommenda…
  • Vehicle effects on human stratum corneum absorption and skin penetration. [Journal Article]
    Toxicol Ind Health 2017; 33(5):416-425Zhang A, Jung EC, … Maibach H
  • This study evaluated the effects of three vehicles-ethanol (EtOH), isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and isopropyl myristate (IPM)-on stratum corneum (SC) absorption and diffusion of the [14C]-model compounds benzoic acid and butenafine hydrochloride to better understand the transport pathways of chemicals passing through and resident in SC. Following application of topical formulations to human dermatome…
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