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5,424 results
  • Fabrication, Flow Control, and Applications of Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices. [Review]
    Molecules 2019; 24(16)Lim H, Jafry AT, Lee J
  • Paper-based microfluidic devices have advanced significantly in recent years as they are affordable, automated with capillary action, portable, and biodegradable diagnostic platforms for a variety of health, environmental, and food quality applications. In terms of commercialization, however, paper-based microfluidics still have to overcome significant challenges to become an authentic point-of-c…
  • Mechanisms of enhanced bacterial endospore inactivation during sterilization by ohmic heating. [Journal Article]
    Bioelectrochemistry 2019; 130:107338Schottroff F, Pyatkovskyy T, … Jaeger H
  • During ohmic heating, the electric field may additionally inactivate bacterial endospores. However, the exact mechanism of action is unclear. Thus, a mechanistic study was carried out, investigating the possible target of electric fields inside the spore. Bacillus subtilis spores were heated by conventional and ohmic heating in a capillary system under almost identical thermal conditions. Wild-ty…
  • Capturing aerosol droplets with fibers. [Journal Article]
    Soft Matter 2019Labbé R, Duprat C
  • Capturing droplets from a stream with a fibrous material is a well-known and well-used process, from coalescence filters to fog harvesting. In this paper, we report experimental measurements of collection efficiency with a model system consisting in an array of vertical nylon fibers. In particular, we report precise measurements over a large range of parameters, and identify the key role played b…
  • Snake fang-inspired stamping patch for transdermal delivery of liquid formulations. [Journal Article]
    Sci Transl Med 2019; 11(503)Bae WG, Ko H, … Jeong HE
  • A flexible microneedle patch that can transdermally deliver liquid-phase therapeutics would enable direct use of existing, approved drugs and vaccines, which are mostly in liquid form, without the need for additional drug solidification, efficacy verification, and subsequent approval. Specialized dissolving or coated microneedle patches that deliver reformulated, solidified therapeutics have made…
  • Micropattern-controlled wicking enhancement in hierarchical micro/nanostructures. [Journal Article]
    Soft Matter 2019; 15(32):6518-6529Rokoni A, Kim DO, Sun Y
  • Wicking in hierarchical micro/nanostructured surfaces has attracted significant attention due to its potential applications in thermal management, moisture capturing, drug delivery, and oil recovery. Although some studies have shown that hierarchical structures enhance wicking over micro-structured surfaces, others have found very limited wicking improvement. In this study, we demonstrate the imp…
  • Effect of Tetrahydrofuran Extraction on Surface Functional Groups of Coking Coal and Its Wettability. [Journal Article]
    J Anal Methods Chem 2019; 2019:1285462Yao J, Ji H, … Gao T
  • Coking coal was extracted with tetrahydrofuran solvent using ultrasonic and microwave-assisted method at 50°C and atmospheric pressure. Wettability of raw coal and its residue (residual coal) was tested with capillary penetration method. The raw and residual coals were studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) with curve-fitting analysis. The variation of main surface functional g…
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