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4,696 results
  • Measurement of the Shrinkage of Natural and Simulated Lesions on Root Surfaces using CP-OCT. [Journal Article]
    J Dent 2019; :103213Yang V, Fried D
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this preclinical study, we have demonstrated that a CP-OCT handpiece modified for infection control with an attached air nozzle suitable for in vivo use can be used to monitor the shrinkage of root caries lesions. In addition, we have developed a new approach to measuring lesion shrinkage with OCT, namely monitoring changes in the lesion thickness as opposed to the position of the lesion surface, that does not require an initial reference position and is more easily implemented in vivo.
  • Structural analysis of premolar roots in Middle Pleistocene hominins from China. [Journal Article]
    J Hum Evol 2019; 136:102669Pan L, Dumoncel J, … Zanolli C
  • This study investigates permanent maxillary and mandibular premolar root structural organization in East Asian Middle Pleistocene hominins. In addition to reporting and analyzing the linear and volumetric properties of the roots, we used a landmark-free approach to both qualify and quantify in 3D premolar root shape variation of Middle Pleistocene hominins in East Asia. Moreover, we focus on some…
  • Odontomas in Frogs. [Journal Article]
    Vet Pathol 2019; :300985819877633LaDouceur EEB, Hauck AM, … Murphy BG
  • Odontomas are variably differentiated, hamartoma-like proliferations of odontogenic epithelium, pulp ectomesenchyme (odontoblasts), and dental matrix. Frogs are polyphyodont and homodont. Their teeth also differ from mammals in that they are restricted to the upper jaw in adults and lack a periodontal ligament and cementum, attaching directly to the underlying bone. Odontomas were identified in a…
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