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49 results
  • A Force on the Crown and Tug of War in the Periodontal Complex. [Review]
    J Dent Res 2018; 97(3):241-250Jang AT, Chen L, … Ho SP
  • The load-bearing dentoalveolar fibrous joint is composed of biomechanically active periodontal ligament (PDL), bone, cementum, and the synergistic entheses of PDL-bone and PDL-cementum. Physiologic and pathologic loads on the dentoalveolar fibrous joint prompt natural shifts in strain gradients within mineralized and fibrous tissues and trigger a cascade of biochemical events within the widened a…
  • Ameloblastic Fibro-odontoma with a Predominant Radiopaque Component. [Case Reports]
    Ann Maxillofac Surg 2017 Jul-Dec; 7(2):304-307Kale SG, Shetty A, … Purvey P
  • Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO) is a rare odontogenic tumor. Initially believed to be a lesion similar to ameloblastic fibroma (AF), it is now considered as a separate entity in the WHO odontogenic tumor classification. Commonly associated with a painless swelling and an associated absence of eruption of a tooth, AFO presents as a mixed radiopaque and radiolucent lesion in the younger populatio…
  • Conservative Management of Central Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma. [Case Reports]
    J Craniofac Surg 2017; 28(1):e8-e9Gomes-Ferreira PH, Carrasco LC, … Faverani LP
  • Central cemento-ossifying fibroma is characterized by the combined production of osteoid and cementoid tissue. Radiographically, this lesion is presented as an outlined cortical and variable radiopaque spots, also can be present complete radiolucent or different degrees of radiopacity. The recommended treatment is curettage or enucleation, and the recurrence rate is less than 5%. Considering that…
  • The Cementocyte-An Osteocyte Relative? [Review]
    J Dent Res 2016; 95(7):734-41Zhao N, Foster BL, Bonewald LF
  • Cementum is a mineralized tissue covering the tooth root that functions in tooth attachment and posteruptive adjustment of tooth position. During formation of the apically located cellular cementum, some cementoblasts become embedded in the cementoid matrix and become cementocytes. As apparently terminally differentiated cells embedded in a mineralized extracellular matrix, cementocytes are part …
  • Role of PHOSPHO1 in Periodontal Development and Function. [Journal Article]
    J Dent Res 2016; 95(7):742-51Zweifler LE, Ao M, … Foster BL
  • The tooth root and periodontal apparatus, including the acellular and cellular cementum, periodontal ligament (PDL), and alveolar bone, are critical for tooth function. Cementum and bone mineralization is regulated by factors including enzymes and extracellular matrix proteins that promote or inhibit hydroxyapatite crystal growth. Orphan Phosphatase 1 (Phospho1, PHOSPHO1) is a phosphatase express…
  • Rsk2, the Kinase Mutated in Coffin-Lowry Syndrome, Controls Cementum Formation. [Journal Article]
    J Dent Res 2016; 95(7):752-60Koehne T, Jeschke A, … David JP
  • The ribosomal S6 kinase RSK2 is essential for osteoblast function, and inactivating mutations of RSK2 cause osteopenia in humans with Coffin-Lowry syndrome (CLS). Alveolar bone loss and premature tooth exfoliation are also consistently reported symptoms in CLS patients; however, the pathophysiologic mechanisms are unclear. Therefore, aiming to identify the functional relevance of Rsk2 for tooth d…
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