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  • Teeth resorption at cement - enamel junction (CEJ) - Microscopy analysis. [Journal Article]
    Micron. 2020 Jun 18; 137:102913.Metwally S, Stachewicz U
  • The cement - enamel junction (CEJ) gains a growing interest in clinical dentistry, due to an increasing number of idiopathic tooth resorption leading to the inevitable loss of permanent dentition. Therefore, in this research study, we investigated healthy and under resorption teeth to verify junctions' morphology in relation to the resorption process, its initiation, and propagation. Using light …
  • Weights of gaur (Bos gaurus) and banteng (Bos javanicus) killed by tigers in Thailand. [Journal Article]
    Ecol Evol. 2020 Jun; 10(11):5152-5159.Khaewphakdee S, Simcharoen A, … Smith JLD
  • The primary prey of tigers across much of South-East Asia has been depleted, reducing the ability of already limited habitat to support tigers. To better understand the extent to which two of the largest prey species, gaur (Bos gaurus) and banteng (Bos javanicus), contribute to the tiger's diet, we estimated the average size of these species killed by tigers. This information is needed to more ac…
  • Glycosaminoglycans accelerate biomimetic collagen mineralization in a tissue-based in vitro model. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Jun 09; 117(23):12636-12642.Wojtas M, Lausch AJ, Sone ED
  • Mammalian teeth are attached to the jawbone through an exquisitely controlled mineralization process: unmineralized collagen fibers of the periodontal ligament anchor directly into the outer layer of adjoining mineralized tissues (cementum and bone). The sharp interface between mineralized and nonmineralized collagenous tissues makes this an excellent model to study the mechanisms by which extrac…
  • Precision of cementum annuli method for aging male white-tailed deer. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One. 2020; 15(5):e0233421.Adams DM, Blanchong JA
  • The most common method used to estimate ages of harvested white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and other cervids is a criterion based on tooth replacement-and-wear (TRW). Previous studies have shown this method is prone to considerable error because TRW is partially subjective. A presumably more accurate, but more labor intensive and expensive, method to estimate age involves the counting o…
  • Root resorption and ensuing cementum repair by Wnt/β-catenin dependent mechanism. [Journal Article]
    Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2020 May 04 [Online ahead of print]Turkkahraman H, Yuan X, … Helms JA
  • CONCLUSIONS: Despite the fact that both are clastic conditions, an osteoporotic phenotype in rats was not associated with an increase in the prevalence of physiological root resorption. The location of the resorption lacunae corresponded to sites of low but constant compressive strains produced by physiological distal drift. At least 1 mechanism responsible for physiological cementum repair involved the contribution of Wnt-responsive stem or progenitor cells originating in the periodontal ligament. These data point toward a potential Wnt-based strategy to regenerate cementum in subjects with disease or damage.
  • Suppression of Hedgehog signaling is required for cementum apposition. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2020 Apr 29; 10(1):7285.Choi H, Liu Y, … Cho ES
  • Hedgehog (Hh) signaling plays a broad role in the development of many organs including bone and teeth. It is noted that sustained Hh activity in osteoblasts negatively regulates postnatal development in mice. However, it remains unknown whether Hh signaling contributes to cementum formation. In this study, to define the roles of Hh signaling in cementum formation, we analyzed two kinds of transge…
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 expression in apical periodontitis in mice. [Journal Article]
    Int Endod J. 2020 Apr 28 [Online ahead of print]De Rossi A, Huamán SD, … Nelson-Filho P
  • CONCLUSIONS: In mice, FGFR2 was not expressed in tissues surrounding healthy teeth but was expressed in apical periodontitis, specifically in the membrane and cytoplasm of osteoblasts, fibroblasts, lacunae of cementocytes, and acute and chronic inflammatory cells (macrophages, plasma cells and neutrophils). Its expression was correlated with the size of the periapical lesions.
  • What do rates of deposition of dental cementum tell us? Functional and evolutionary hypotheses in red deer. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One. 2020; 15(4):e0231957.Pérez-Barbería FJ, Guinness FE, … Landete-Castillejos T
  • Cementum is a bone connective tissue that provides a flexible attachment for the tooth to the alveolar bone in many mammalian species. It does not undergo continuous remodelling, unlike non-dental bone, which combined with its growth pattern of seasonal layering makes this tissue uniquely suitable as a proxy for tracking changes in body repair investment throughout an animal´s life. We tested fun…
  • Novel molecular cues for dental defects in hypophosphatasia. [Journal Article]
    Exp Cell Res. 2020 Jul 15; 392(2):112026.Melms H, Herrmann M, … Graser S
  • Mineralization disorders with a broad range of etiological factors represent a huge challenge in dental diagnosis and therapy. Hypophosphatasia (HPP) belongs to the rare diseases affecting predominantly mineralized tissues, bones and teeth, and occurs due to mutations in the ALPL gene, which encodes tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP). Here we analyzed stem cells from bone marrow (BMSC…
  • lncRNA HOTAIRM1 promotes osteogenesis of hDFSCs by epigenetically regulating HOXA2 via DNMT1 in vitro. [Journal Article]
    J Cell Physiol. 2020 Apr 23 [Online ahead of print]Chen Z, Zheng J, … Wu L
  • Dental follicle (DF) can develop into periodontal tissues including periodontal ligament, cementum, and alveolar bone. Possessing superior pluripotency and osteogenic capacity, dental follicle stem cells (DFSCs) have become a promising stem cell source for bone regeneration and periodontal engineering. However, the mechanisms underlying DFSCs-mediated osteogenesis remain elusive. Our previous lon…
  • Zinc concentrations in teeth of female walruses reflect the onset of reproductive maturity. [Journal Article]
    Conserv Physiol. 2020; 8(1):coaa029.Clark CT, Horstmann L, Misarti N
  • Age at maturity is an important parameter in many demographic models and, for some species, can be difficult to obtain using traditional methods. Incremental growth structures act as biological archives, recording information throughout an organism's life and possibly allowing for the reconstruction of life history events. Concentrations of zinc (Zn) in animal tissues are known to be linked to li…
  • Effect of Deep Margin Elevation on CAD/CAM-Fabricated Ceramic Inlays. [Journal Article]
    Oper Dent. 2020 Apr 03 [Online ahead of print]Vertolli TJ, Martinsen BD, … Ye L
  • CONCLUSIONS: Deep marginal elevation resulted in decreased ceramic fracture when preparation margins were located below the CEJ. There was no difference found between margin elevation with GI or RMGI. Increased heights of ceramic proximal box may lead to an increased probability of ceramic fracture.
  • Genetic and pharmacologic modulation of cementogenesis via pyrophosphate regulators. [Journal Article]
    Bone. 2020 Jul; 136:115329.Chu EY, Vo TD, … Somerman MJ
  • Pyrophosphate (PPi) serves as a potent and physiologically important regulator of mineralization, with systemic and local concentrations determined by several key regulators, including: tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (ALPL gene; TNAP protein), the progressive ankylosis protein (ANKH; ANK), and ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 1 (ENPP1; ENPP1). Results to date have indicat…
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