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16,722 results
  • Long-term biochemical outcomes using cesium-131 in prostate brachytherapy. [Journal Article]
    Brachytherapy 2019Moran BJ, Rice SR, … Agarwal M
  • CONCLUSIONS: 131Cs is a viable alternative isotope for prostate brachytherapy for organ-confined disease. Long-term biochemical control and survival outcomes are excellent and on par with those attained with the use of 125I or 103Pd. This report therefore supports the continued use of 131Cs as an effective and comparable alternative isotope.
  • Syntheses and crystal structures of a new family of hybrid perovskites: C5H14N2·ABr3·0.5H2O (A = K, Rb, Cs). [Journal Article]
    Acta Crystallogr E Crystallogr Commun 2019; 75(Pt 8):1243-1248Ferrandin S, Slawin AMZ, Harrison WTA
  • The syntheses and crystal structures of three hybrid perovskites, viz. poly[1-methyl-piperizine-1,4-diium [tri-μ-bromido-potassium] hemihydrate], {(C5H14N2)[KBr3]·0.5H2O} n , (I), poly[1-methyl-piperizine-1,4-diium [tri-μ-bromido-rubidium] hemihydrate], {(C5H14N2)[RbBr3]·0.5H2O} n , (II), and poly[1-methyl-piperizine-1,4-diium [tri-μ-bromido-caesium] hemihydrate], {(C5H14N2)[CsBr3]·0.5H2O} n , (I…
  • Immobilization of cesium in fly ash-silica fume based geopolymers with different Si/Al molar ratios. [Journal Article]
    Sci Total Environ 2019; 687:1127-1137Tian Q, Nakama S, Sasaki K
  • Geopolymers are considered as promising matrixes for waste solidification. However, the effects of the Si/Al molar ratio of geopolymer on the immobilization efficiencies for metal ions have not been fully studied and understood. In the present study, geopolymers with different Si/Al ratios were synthesized from coal fly ash and silica fume. Adsorption tests were conducted to evaluate their immobi…
  • Cesium Carbonate Catalyzed Esterification of N-Benzyl-N-Boc-amides under Ambient Conditions. [Journal Article]
    Org Lett 2019Ye D, Liu Z, … Lei C
  • We report a general activated amide to ester transformation catalyzed by Cs2CO3. Using this approach, esterification proceeds under relatively mild conditions and without the need for a transition metal catalyst. This method exhibits broad substrate scope and represents a practical alternative to existing esterification strategies. The synthetic utility of this protocol is demonstrated via the fa…
  • Specific Ion Effects of Dodecyl Sulfate Surfactants with Alkali Ions at the Air-Water Interface. [Journal Article]
    Molecules 2019; 24(16)Weiβenborn E, Braunschweig B
  • The influence of Li+, Na+ and Cs+ cations on the surface excess and structure of dodecyl sulfate (DS-) anions at the air-water interface was investigated with the vibrational sum-frequency generation (SFG) and surface tensiometry. Particularly, we have addressed the change in amplitude and frequency of the symmetric S-O stretching vibrations as a function of electrolyte and DS- concentration in t…
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