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261,236 results
  • In vitro Evaluation of Pt-coated Electrospun Nanofibers for Endovascular Coil Embolization. [Journal Article]
    Acta Biomater 2019Kim MW, An S, … Yoon SS
  • Recently, endovascular coil embolization has been introduced to treat intracranial aneurysms because it has lower morbidity and mortality than surgical clipping. The endovascular coils prevent the extravasation of blood by decreasing the permeability of an aneurysm flow governed by Darcy's law. Here, we developed and explored Pt-coated micro-ropes for potential use as endovascular coils. Electros…
  • Core/shell Printing Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering Of Tubular Structures. [Journal Article]
    J Vis Exp 2019; (151)Milojević M, Vihar B, … Maver U
  • Three-dimensional (3D) printing of core/shell filaments allows direct fabrication of channel structures with a stable shell that is cross-linked at the interface with a liquid core. The latter is removed post-printing, leaving behind a hollow tube. Integrating an additive manufacturing technique (like the one described here with tailor-made [bio]inks, which structurally and biochemically mimic th…
  • Orai1: CRACing the Th17 response in AKI. [Journal Article]
    J Clin Invest 2019Noel S
  • A strong Th17 inflammatory response aggravates ischemia reperfusion-induced (IR-induced) acute kidney injury (AKI), tissue fibrosis, and AKI-to-chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression. However, the underlying mechanisms of sustained Th17 activation following AKI and during AKI-to-CKD progression are unclear. In this issue of the JCI, Mehrotra et al. present compelling evidence that the store-ope…
  • Atrial fibrillation risk loci interact to modulate Ca2+-dependent atrial rhythm homeostasis. [Journal Article]
    J Clin Invest 2019Laforest B, Dai W, … Moskowitz IP
  • Atrial fibrillation (AF), defined by disorganized atrial cardiac rhythm, is the most prevalent cardiac arrhythmia worldwide. Recent genetic studies have highlighted a major heritable component and identified numerous loci associated with AF risk, including the cardiogenic transcription factor genes TBX5, GATA4, and NKX2-5. We report that Tbx5 and Gata4 interact with opposite signs for atrial rhyt…
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