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28,177 results
  • Microbe Profile: Thermococcus kodakarensis: the model hyperthermophilic archaeon. [Journal Article]
    Microbiology 2019Atomi H, Reeve J
  • Thermococcus kodakarensis is a hyperthermophilic Euryarchaeon that grows well under laboratory conditions and, being naturally competent for genetic transformation, it has become a widely studied experimental model species. With the genome sequence available since 2004, combining genetic, enzymological and structural biochemical approaches has revealed previously unknown and unanticipated feature…
  • Emerging chitin nanogels/rectorite nanocomposites for safe and effective hemorrhage control. [Journal Article]
    J Mater Chem B 2019; 7(33):5096-5103Zhang J, Xue S, … Ye Q
  • Excessive bleeding due to trauma, surgery and diseases may cause severe mortalities. Here, an emerging chitin nanogel/rectorite nanocomposite is developed for effective hemorrhage control. Chitin chains are intercalated into rectorite and subsequent mechanical high speed stirring generates chitin nanogels, which assemble on the surface of the rectorite nanoplates through electrostatic interaction…
  • Application of Chitosan in Bone and Dental Engineering. [Review]
    Molecules 2019; 24(16)Aguilar A, Zein N, … Hua G
  • Chitosan is a deacetylated polysaccharide from chitin, the natural biopolymer primarily found in shells of marine crustaceans and fungi cell walls. Upon deacetylation, the protonation of free amino groups of the d-glucosamine residues of chitosan turns it into a polycation, which can easily interact with DNA, proteins, lipids, or negatively charged synthetic polymers. This positive-charged charac…
  • Extracellular vesicles secreted by Saccharomyces cerevisiae are involved in cell wall remodelling. [Journal Article]
    Commun Biol 2019; 2:305Zhao K, Bleackley M, … Mathivanan S
  • Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are membranous vesicles that are released by cells. In this study, the role of the Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport (ESCRT) machinery in the biogenesis of yeast EVs was examined. Knockout of components of the ESCRT machinery altered the morphology and size of EVs as well as decreased the abundance of EVs. In contrast, strains with deletions in cell wal…
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