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833 results
  • Cytochrome P450-Mediated Metabolic Characterization of a Mono-Carbonyl Curcumin Analog WZ35. [Journal Article]
    Pharmacology 2019; :1-11Wang G, Li Y, … Zhang X
  • WZ35 is a monocarbonyl analog of curcumin, which had been proved advantage over curcumin in chemical stability and antitumor activity. However, its pharmacokinetic profile has not been determined. In the present study, an ultraperformance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay was developed to detect concentration of WZ35 in rat plasma. Subsequently, pharmacokinetic study showed tha…
  • Harnessing ionic mechanisms to achieve disease modification in neurodegenerative disorders. [Review]
    Pharmacol Res 2019; 147:104343Masi A, Narducci R, Mannaioni G
  • Progressive neuronal death is the key pathogenic event leading to clinical symptoms in neurodegenerative disorders (NDDs). Neuroprotective treatments are virtually unavailable, partly because of the marked internal heterogeneity of the mechanisms underlying pathology. Targeted neuroprotection would require deep mechanistic knowledge across the entire aetiological spectrum of each NDD and the deve…
  • Action of chlorzoxazone on Ca2+movement and viability in human oral cancer cells. [Journal Article]
    Chin J Physiol 2019 May-Jun; 62(3):123-130Lu T, Liang WZ, … Jan CR
  • Chlorzoxazone is a skeletal muscle relaxant. However, the effect of chlorzoxazone on intracellular Ca2+ concentrations ([Ca2+]i) in oral cancer cells is unclear. This study examined whether chlorzoxazone altered Ca2+ signaling and cell viability in OC2 human oral cancer cells. [Ca2+]iin suspended cells was measured using the fluorescent Ca2+-sensitive dye fura-2. Cell viability was examined by wa…
  • Simultaneous phenotyping of CYP2E1 and CYP3A using oral chlorzoxazone and midazolam microdoses. [Journal Article]
    Br J Clin Pharmacol 2019; 85(10):2310-2320Hohmann N, Blank A, … Haefeli WE
  • CONCLUSIONS: The chlorzoxazone microdose did not interact with the CYP3A marker substrate midazolam, enabling the simultaneous administration in a phenotyping cocktail. This microdose assay is now ready to be further validated and tested as a phenotyping procedure assessing the impact of induction and inhibition of CYP2E1 on chlorzoxazone microdose pharmacokinetics.
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