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(cholecystokinin secretin test)
409 results
  • The Impact of Food Bioactives on Health: in vitro and ex vivo models: STC-1 Cells [BOOK]
    Springer: Cham (CH)Verhoeckx K, Cotter P, … Wichers HMcCarthy T, Green BD, … Giblin LBOOK
  • Gastrointestinal hormones such as cholecystokinin (CCK), glucagon like peptide 1 (GLP-1), and peptide YY (PYY) play an important role in suppressing hunger and controlling food intake. These satiety hormones are secreted from enteroendocrine cells present throughout the intestinal tract. The intestinal secretin tumor cell line (STC-1) possesses many features of native intestinal enteroendocrine c…
  • [Importance of functional diagnostics in gastroenterology]. [Review]
    Internist (Berl) 2018; 59(1):25-37Hollenbach M, Hoffmeister A, … Mössner J
  • In this review article important and frequently used investigation methods for gastrointestinal functional diagnostics are presented. Some other rarely used special investigations are also explained. The hydrogen breath test is simple to carry out, ubiquitously available and enables the detection of lactose, fructose and sorbitol malabsorption. Furthermore, by the application of glucose, the test…
  • Secretin: historical perspective and current status. [Historical Article]
    Pancreas 2014; 43(2):162-82Chey WY, Chang TM
  • This review describes the history of secretin discovery, identification, purification, and structural determination; cloning of secretin and its receptor; synthetic secretin; and highly specific and sensitive radioimmunoassay to define the characteristic physiological role on postprandial pancreatic fluid and bicarbonate secretion, which requires robust potentiation by cholecystokinin. Secretin p…
  • Update on endoscopic pancreatic function testing. [Editorial]
    World J Gastroenterol 2011; 17(35):3957-61Stevens T, Parsi MA
  • Hormone-stimulated pancreatic function tests (PFTs) are considered the gold standard for measuring pancreatic exocrine function. PFTs involve the administration of intravenous secretin or cholecystokinin, followed by collection and analysis of pancreatic secretions. Because exocrine function may decline in the earliest phase of pancreatic fibrosis, PFTs are considered accurate for diagnosing chro…
  • Secretin is not necessary for exocrine pancreatic development and growth in mice. [Journal Article]
    Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 2011; 301(5):G791-8Sans MD, Sabbatini ME, … Williams JA
  • Adaptive exocrine pancreatic growth is mediated primarily by dietary protein and the gastrointestinal hormone cholecystokinin (CCK). Feeding trypsin inhibitors such as camostat (FOY-305) is known to induce CCK release and stimulate pancreatic growth. However, camostat has also been reported to stimulate secretin release and, because secretin often potentiates the action of CCK, it could participa…
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