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(chorionic villi)
7,083 results
  • Regulation of human trophoblast syncytialization by histone demethylase LSD1. [Journal Article]
    J Biol Chem 2019Milano-Foster J, Ray S, … Paul S
  • A successful pregnancy is critically dependent upon proper placental development and function. During human placentation, villous cytotrophoblast progenitors (CTBs) differentiate to form syncytiotrophoblasts (SynTBs), which provide the exchange surface between the mother and the fetus and secrete hormones to ensure proper progression of pregnancy. However, epigenetic mechanisms that regulate SynT…
  • Contributions of Drug Transporters to Blood-Placental Barrier. [Review]
    Adv Exp Med Biol 2019; 1141:505-548Liu L, Liu X
  • The placenta is the only organ linking two different individuals, mother and fetus, termed as blood-placental barrier. The functions of the blood-placental barrier are to regulate material transfer between the maternal and fetal circulation. The main functional units are the chorionic villi within which fetal blood is separated by only three or four cell layers (placental membrane) from maternal …
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