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(coccygeal body)
143 results
  • Cow-level factors associated with subclinical hypocalcemia at calving in multiparous Jersey cows. [Journal Article]
    J Dairy Sci 2019; 102(9):8367-8375Valldecabres A, Pires JAA, Silva-Del-Río N
  • The objective of our study was to identify cow-level factors associated with subclinical hypocalcemia at calving (SCH) in multiparous Jersey cows. A total of 598 Jersey and 218 Jersey × Holstein crossbreed cows from 2 commercial dairy herds were enrolled in a retrospective cohort study. Blood samples to determine total Ca concentration were collected from the coccygeal vessels at 3 h 19 min (±2 h…
  • StatPearls: Neuroanatomy, Spinal Nerves [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Kaiser Joshua T. JT University of Miami/Miller School of Med Lugo-Pico Julian G. JG University of Miami/Jackson Memorial BOOK
  • The spinal nerves emanate from the spinal cord as pairs of nerves composed of both sensory and motor fibers that function as the intermediary between the central nervous system (CNS) and the periphery.  These mixed nerves that collectively transmit sensory, motor, and autonomic impulses between the spinal cord and the rest of the body.  In total, there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, grouped regio…
  • Embryotoxic and Teratogenic Effects of Tartrazine in Rats. [Journal Article]
    Toxicol Res 2019; 35(1):75-81Hashem MM, Abd-Elhakim YM, … Eleiwa MME
  • Tartrazine (TAZ) is one of the most commonly used artificial dyes for foods and drugs. We determined the effect of TAZ on fetal development by examining morphological, visceral, and skeletal malformations in rat fetuses following daily oral administration of TAZ to pregnant Wistar rats at the 6th-15th day of gestation. TAZ at 0.45 and 4.5 mg/kg induced 6.0 and 7.1% fetal resorptions, as well as 1…
  • Bovine Mammary Gland Biopsy Techniques. [Journal Article]
    J Vis Exp 2018; (142)Daley VL, Dye C, … Hanigan MD
  • Bovine mammary gland biopsies allow researchers to collect tissue samples to study cell biology including gene expression, histological analysis, signaling pathways, and protein translation. This article describes two techniques for biopsy of the bovine mammary gland (MG). Three healthy Holstein dairy cows were the subjects. Before biopsies, cows were milked and subsequently restrained in a cattl…
  • Coccygeal Polypoid Eccrine Nevus. [Journal Article]
    Arch Pathol Lab Med 2019; 143(7):890-892Charifa A, Ko CJ
  • Skin tags are fairly common lesions usually seen in adults on the neck and in body folds. The sacrococcygeal region is an unusual location for skin tags in children and may represent a congenital malformation of the spine or an isolated skin lesion. In this review, we summarize the clinical presentation, histopathologic changes, and differential diagnosis of coccygeal polypoid eccrine nevus as a …
  • StatPearls: Anatomy, Back, Nucleus Pulposus [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Nedresky Daniel D Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Singh Gurdeep G Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital BOOK
  • The spine is the primary support of the body. It helps to connect other bony structures. The spine is made up of individual bone segments (vertebra), ligaments, and discs. There usually are 33 vertebrae in the spine, seven cervical, 12 thoracics, five lumbar, five fused sacral, and four fused coccygeal. In between these vertebrae are the intervertebral discs.[1] There are normally 25 discs in the…
  • StatPearls: Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Posterior Abdominal Wall Arteries [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Wright Noah N Rocky Vista University Burns Bracken B East Tennessee State University (ETSU) BOOK
  • Several arteries course through the posterior abdominal wall. The aorta passes the aortic hiatus at T12 level through the diaphragm and descends anterior to the vertebral column. The aorta branches into the right and left common iliac arteries at L4. The aorta gives rise to the inferior phrenic arteries just below the aortic hiatus. These vessels supply the diaphragm and also give rise to the sup…
  • StatPearls: Anatomy, Back, Anterior Spinal Artery [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Ali Farwa F American University Antigua, College Med Dublin Arthur B. AB UC, Davis, Medical Center BOOK
  • The spine is the posterior portion of the human body. It is composed of the vertebrae interconnected with the spinal discs, known as nucleus pulposus. Together, this houses the spinal cord which extends from the brain, particularly, the medulla. It has a peripheral white matter and a central gray matter. In adults, the spinal cord ends at the lumbar level of L1 while in children it ends at L2-L3.…
  • Arterial Responses to Acute Low-Level Ergot Exposure in Hereford Cows. [Journal Article]
    Front Vet Sci 2018; 5:240Cowan VE, Neumann A, … Singh J
  • Ergot alkaloids are toxic secondary metabolites produced by the fungus Claviceps purpurea that contaminate cereal grains. Current Canadian standards allow 2 to 3 parts per million of ergot alkaloids in animal feed. The purpose of this study was to determine whether hemodynamic parameters were altered when beef cows were fed permissible levels of ergot alkaloids (i.e., <3 ppm) on a short-term basi…
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