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127 results
  • Characterizing atomic magnetic gradiometers for fetal magnetocardiography. [Journal Article]
    Rev Sci Instrum 2019; 90(8):085003Sulai IA, DeLand ZJ, … Walker TG
  • Atomic magnetometers (AMs) offer many advantages over superconducting quantum interference devices due to, among other things, having comparable sensitivity while not requiring cryogenics. One of the major limitations of AMs is the challenge of configuring them as gradiometers. We report the development of a spin-exchange relaxation free vector atomic magnetic gradiometer with a sensitivity of 3 …
  • Two-Wired Current Modulator Active Electrode for Ambulatory Biosignal Recording. [Journal Article]
    IEEE Trans Biomed Circuits Syst 2019; 13(1):15-25Pourahmad A, Dehghani R
  • This paper presents an innovative current modulator active electrode (CMAE) with only two outgoing wires that reduces cost and complexity of wearable bioamplifiers based on dry electrodes. The CMAE can be considered as an operational transconductance amplifier, which modulates the supply current by input voltage signal through its two supply rails. The CMAE prototype is implemented with only two …
  • Acquisition of Neural Action Potentials Using Rapid Multiplexing Directly at the Electrodes. [Journal Article]
    Micromachines (Basel) 2018; 9(10)Sharma M, Gardner AT, … Walker RM
  • Neural recording systems that interface with implanted microelectrodes are used extensively in experimental neuroscience and neural engineering research. Interface electronics that are needed to amplify, filter, and digitize signals from multichannel electrode arrays are a critical bottleneck to scaling such systems. This paper presents the design and testing of an electronic architecture for int…
  • Chopper-Stabilized Instrumentation Amplifier with Automatic Frequency Tuning Loop. [Journal Article]
    Micromachines (Basel) 2018; 9(6)Wu CM, Chen HC, … Yang SC
  • A variable-gain chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier (chopper IA), which employs a low pass filter (LPF) to attenuate the up-converted noise at the chopping frequency, is presented. The circuit is designed and fabricated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) (Hsinchu, Taiwan) 0.18 μm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Consuming 1.1 mW from a 1.2 V …
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