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302,123 results
  • [Carl Wernicke (1848-1905) and the "Wernicke-Kleist-Leonhard school". Connections to "Erlangen School" of psychiatry]. [Journal Article]
    Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 2019Braun B
  • CONCLUSIONS: Specht's "Erlangen school" of psychiatry can be regarded as a link in the development of the "Wernicke-Kleist-Leonhard school". Wernicke's description of "anxiety psychosis" motivated Specht to study the emotion of anxiety in "manic-depressive disorder". Specht's study again stimulated Leonhard's concept of "anxiety-happiness psychosis". Generally, Specht's intensive focus on bipolarity has influenced Leonhard's concept of cycloid psychoses. Specht's description of "pathologic affect" had an impact on Leonhard's concept of "affect-laden paraphrenia".Modern methods of neuro-imaging open a new perspective to Wernicke's localisation theory. The natural-scientific-philosophical "double orientation" of the WKL school motivates an increased integration of philosophical elements (ethics, religiosity, spirituality) in the field of psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy.
  • [Anaesthesia Induction in Non-fasting Patients - the Example of Pregnant Women and Children]. [Journal Article]
    Anasthesiol Intensivmed Notfallmed Schmerzther 2019; 54(10):617-628Becke K, Jöhr M, Girard T
  • Aspiration during anesthesia induction is no triviality, but can lead to serious complications and mortality. The classic technique of rapid sequence induction (RSI) is a fundamental form of anesthesia induction in non-fasting patients to prevent pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents.Pregnant women and children pose a special challenge due to their hypoxia risk; the classical RSI concept "indu…
  • Redox-regulation of ion homeostasis in growing lily pollen tubes. [Journal Article]
    J Plant Physiol 2019; 243:153050Podolyan A, Maksimov N, Breygina M
  • The pollen tube is characterized by cytoplasm compartmentalization typical for cells with polar growth. This concept includes "ion zoning", i.e. gradient distribution of ionic currents across the plasma membrane and free inorganic ions in the cytoplasm. One of the putative mechanisms for maintaining "ion zoning" is indicated by the sensitivity of the ion transport systems to reactive oxygen speci…
  • The Ecology and Evolution of Pangenomes. [Review]
    Curr Biol 2019; 29(20):R1094-R1103Brockhurst MA, Harrison E, … MacLean C
  • Since the first genome-scale comparisons, it has been evident that the genomes of many species are unbound by strict vertical descent: Large differences in gene content can occur among genomes belonging to the same prokaryotic species, with only a fraction of genes being universal to all genomes. These insights gave rise to the pangenome concept. The pangenome is defined as the set of all the gen…
  • Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH): a concept comes of age. [Review]
    Andrology 2019Nieschlag E
  • The term Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) was coined in 2002 and defined as a disease entity in the ISA, ISSAM, EAU, EAA and ASA endorsed Recommendations for Investigation, Treatment and Monitoring of LOH (2005 and 2008) as "a clinical and biochemical syndrome associated with advancing age, characterized by symptoms and a deficiency in serum testosterone (T)". LOH was classified as a combined primar…
  • Medication histories documentation at the community pharmacy setting: A study from Jordan. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(10):e0224124Abu Farha R, Abu Hammour K, … Aljanabi R
  • CONCLUSIONS: Community pharmacists in Jordan showed a low awareness about the medication reconciliation concept and demonstrated a modest role in obtaining medication histories in community pharmacies. But still, they showed a positive attitude towards their role in implementing the different steps of medication reconciliation. This suggests that educational workshops to increase pharmacists' awareness about their role and responsibilities in collecting a complete and accurate medication history are warrented.
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