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14,426 results
  • Climate factors and incidence of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. [Journal Article]
    J Infect Public Health 2019Altamimi A, Ahmed AE
  • CONCLUSIONS: The novel coronavirus, MERS-CoV, is influenced by climate conditions with increasing incidence between April and August. High temperature, high ultraviolet index, low wind speed, and low relative humidity are contributors to increased MERS-CoV cases. The climate factors must be evaluated in hospitals and community settings and integrated into guidelines to serve as source of control measures to prevent and eliminate the risk of infection.
  • Coronaviruses Detected in Bats in Close Contact with Humans in Rwanda. [Journal Article]
    Ecohealth 2019Nziza J, Goldstein T, … Gilardi K
  • Bats living in close contact with people in Rwanda were tested for evidence of infection with viruses of zoonotic potential. Mucosal swabs from 503 bats representing 17 species were sampled from 2010 to 2014 and screened by consensus PCR for 11 viral families. Samples were negative for all viral families except coronaviruses, which were detected in 27 bats belonging to eight species. Known corona…
  • Trypsin treatment unlocks barrier for zoonotic bat coronaviruses infection. [Journal Article]
    J Virol 2019Menachery VD, Dinnon KH, … Baric RS
  • Traditionally, the emergence of coronaviruses (CoVs) has been attributed to a gain in receptor binding in a new host. Our previous work with SARS-like viruses argued that bats already harbor CoVs with the ability to infect humans without adaptation. These results suggested that additional barriers limit the emergence of zoonotic CoV. In this work, we describe overcoming host restriction of two ME…
  • Structures of MERS-CoV spike glycoprotein in complex with sialoside attachment receptors. [Journal Article]
    Nat Struct Mol Biol 2019; 26(12):1151-1157Park YJ, Walls AC, … Veesler D
  • The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) causes severe and often lethal respiratory illness in humans, and no vaccines or specific treatments are available. Infections are initiated via binding of the MERS-CoV spike (S) glycoprotein to sialosides and dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 (the attachment and entry receptors, respectively). To understand MERS-CoV engagement of sialylated recept…
  • Expression and role of HEPIS in breast cancer. [Journal Article]
    Oncol Lett 2019; 18(6):6648-6656Hu F, Zhang Y, … Zhang X
  • Human embryo lung cellular protein interacting with severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus nonstructural protein-10 (HEPIS) is expressed at varying levels in multiple organs and breast cancer cell lines. However, its expression and function in breast cancer cells has yet to be studied. Therefore, RNA in situ hybridization was used to detect the expression of HEPIS in breast cancer and canc…
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