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1,024 results
  • Feeling fooled: Texture contaminates the neural code for tactile speed. [Journal Article]
    PLoS Biol 2019; 17(8):e3000431Delhaye BP, O'Donnell MK, … Bensmaia SJ
  • Motion is an essential component of everyday tactile experience: most manual interactions involve relative movement between the skin and objects. Much of the research on the neural basis of tactile motion perception has focused on how direction is encoded, but less is known about how speed is. Perceived speed has been shown to be dependent on surface texture, but previous studies used only coarse…
  • Measuring peripheral nerve involvement in Friedreich's ataxia. [Journal Article]
    Ann Clin Transl Neurol 2019; 6(9):1718-1727Creigh PD, Mountain J, … Herrmann DN
  • CONCLUSIONS: MC density, ENFD, and QST thresholds provide structural and physiologic markers of sensory involvement in FRDA. Longitudinal evaluation is needed to determine whether these measures can identify changes associated with disease progression or treatment.
  • Neuroanatomical distribution of sensory receptors in the human elbow joint capsule. [Journal Article]
    Shoulder Elbow 2019; 11(4):300-304Kholinne E, Lee HJ, … Jeon IH
  • CONCLUSIONS: A consistent distribution pattern of articular sensory receptors was observed, which allows further understanding of elbow pathology. An awareness of the neuroanatomical distribution of sensory receptors in the elbow joint capsule may allow their preservation during surgical procedures for elbow joint pathology.
  • Characterization of paralogous uncx transcription factor encoding genes in zebrafish. [Journal Article]
    Gene X 2019; 2:100011Nittoli V, Fortunato AE, … Sordino P
  • The paired-type homeodomain transcription factor Uncx is involved in multiple processes of embryogenesis in vertebrates. Reasoning that zebrafish genes uncx4.1 and uncx are orthologs of mouse Uncx, we studied their genomic environment and developmental expression. Evolutionary analyses indicate the zebrafish uncx genes as being paralogs deriving from teleost-specific whole-genome duplication. Who…
  • Expression and distribution of PIEZO1 in the mouse urinary tract. [Journal Article]
    Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2019; 317(2):F303-F321Dalghi MG, Clayton DR, … Apodaca G
  • The proper function of the organs that make up the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra) depends on their ability to sense and respond to mechanical forces, including shear stress and wall tension. However, we have limited understanding of the mechanosensors that function in these organs and the tissue sites in which these molecules are expressed. Possible candidates include stre…
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