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47,907 results
  • Stress across life stages: Impacts, responses and consequences for marine organisms. [Journal Article]
    Sci Total Environ 2019; 700:134491Leung JYS, McAfee D
  • Population dynamics of marine organisms are strongly driven by their survival in early life stages. As life stages are tightly linked, environmental stress experienced by organisms in the early life stage can worsen their performance in the subsequent life stage (i.e. carry-over effect). However, stressful events can be ephemeral and hence organisms may be able to counter the harmful effects of t…
  • Mesoporous chitosan based conformable and resorbable biostrip for dopamine detection. [Journal Article]
    Biosens Bioelectron 2019; 147:111781Kafi MA, Paul A, … Dahiya R
  • This work presents a chitosan based resorbable biostrip for label-free electrochemical detection of dopamine (DA).The biostrip consists of mesoporous-chitosan-graphene oxide (m-Chit-GO) composite-based sensing electrode and graphene-based interconnects. Obtained with particulate leaching, the m-chit-GO showed average pore size of 1μmwith slow (2 h) curing process. The response of DA on m-Chit-GO …
  • Task-Specific Properties and Prospects of Ionic Liquids in Cross-Coupling Reactions. [Review]
    Top Curr Chem (Cham) 2019; 377(6):30Mandal B, Ghosh S, Basu B
  • Ionic liquids (ILs) are considered as highly useful materials for potential diverse uses such as greener and more convenient alternatives to volatile organic solvents, reagents, additives, ligands and co-solvents. Thermal stability, negligible vapor pressure and high polarity with ionic environments have possibly conferred some unique physico-chemical properties and a wider electrochemical window…
  • Study of Annealed Aquivion® Ionomers with the INCA Method †. [Journal Article]
    Membranes (Basel) 2019; 9(10)Giancola S, Arciniegas RAB, … Narducci R
  • We investigated the possibility to increase the working temperature and endurance of proton exchange membranes for fuel cells and water electrolyzers by thermal annealing of short side chain perfluorosulfonic acid (SSC-PFSA) Aquivion® membranes. The Ionomer nc Analysis (INCA method), based on nc/T plots where nc is a counter elastic force index, was applied to SSC-PFSA in order to evaluate ionome…
  • Effect of Vigorous Physical Activity on Executive Control in Middle-School Students. [Journal Article]
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2019; 16(20)Phillips DS, Hannon JC, … Burns RD
  • The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the acute effect of vigorous physical activity on executive control in eighth grade students from the U.S. Participants were eighth grade students (N = 68; 26 girls, 42 boys) recruited from one middle school located in the Mountain West region of the U.S. Two groups of participants were assigned to receive either a vigorous physical activity or a sed…
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