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2,085 results
  • Effects of the MY34/2018 Global Dust Storm as Measured by MSL REMS in Gale Crater. [Journal Article]
    J Geophys Res Planets 2019; 124(7):1899-1912Viúdez-Moreiras D, Newman CE, … Gómez-Elvira J
  • The Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) instrument that is onboard NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity rover. REMS has been measuring surface pressure, air and ground brightness temperature, relative humidity, and UV irradiance since MSL's landing in 2012. In Mars Year (MY) 34 (2018) a global dust storm reached Gale Crater at Ls ~190°. REMS offers a unique opportunity to bett…
  • The first day of the Cenozoic. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019Gulick SPS, Bralower TJ, … Expedition 364 Scientists
  • Highly expanded Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary section from the Chicxulub peak ring, recovered by International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)-International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) Expedition 364, provides an unprecedented window into the immediate aftermath of the impact. Site M0077 includes ∼130 m of impact melt rock and suevite deposited the first day of the Cenozo…
  • Experimental Study of Wear Mechanisms of Cemented Carbide in the Turning of Ti6Al4V. [Journal Article]
    Materials (Basel) 2019; 12(17)Saketi S, Odelros S, … Olsson M
  • Titanium and titanium alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V are generally considered as difficult-to-machine materials. This is mainly due to their high chemical reactivity, poor thermal conductivity, and high strength, which is maintained at elevated temperatures. As a result, the cutting tool is exposed to rather extreme contact conditions resulting in plastic deformation and wear. In the present work, the …
  • Evolution of visual sensory system in cichlid fishes from crater lake Barombi Mbo in Cameroon. [Journal Article]
    Mol Ecol 2019Musilova Z, Indermaur A, … Salzburger W
  • In deep-water animals, visual sensory system is often challenged by the dim-light environment. Here, we focus on the molecular mechanisms involved in rapid deep-water adaptations. We examine visual system evolution in a small-scale yet phenotypically and ecologically diverse adaptive radiation, the species flock of cichlid fishes in deep crater lake Barombi Mbo in Cameroon, West Africa. We show t…
  • Fast deep water warming of a subtropical crater lake. [Journal Article]
    Sci Total Environ 2019; 691:1353-1361Cardoso-Mohedano JG, Sanchez-Cabeza JA, … Giralt S
  • Water temperature of deep lakes is often used to evaluate climate variability over long periods. Santa Maria del Oro Lake is a sub-tropical crater-lake (60 m maximum depth) almost confined by surrounding mountains, which only receives seasonal fresh water input. In order to evaluate lake thermal variations, we measured water temperatures at bottom, 4 m, 10 m, 25 m, and 32 m depth. To study lake v…
  • Cratering response during droplet impacts on granular beds. [Journal Article]
    Eur Phys J E Soft Matter 2019; 42(8):111Wyser E, Carrea D, … Pudasaini SP
  • This experimental work focuses on the cratering response of granular layers induced by liquid droplet impacts. A droplet impact results in severe granular layer deformation, crater formation and deposits in the vicinity of the impact center. High-precision three-dimensional imaging of the granular layer surface revealed important characteristics of liquid impacts on granular matter, such as singu…
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