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  • The evolving role of family physicians during the coronavirus disease 2019 crisis: An appreciative reflection. [Journal Article]
    Afr J Prim Health Care Fam Med. 2020 Jun 09; 12(1):e1-e4.Jenkins LS, Von Pressentin KB, … Schaefer R
  • Ten family physicians and family medicine registrars in a South African semi-rural training complex reflected on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis during their quarterly training complex meeting. The crisis has become the disruptor that is placing pressure on the traditional roles of the family physician. The importance of preventative and promotive care in a community-oriented appro…
  • Novel coronavirus pandemic: A clinical overview. [Journal Article]
    S Afr Fam Pract (2004). 2020 Jun 26; 62(1):e1-e5.Kaswa R, Govender I
  • The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is an emergent public health crisis threatening the current world health establishment. The SARS-Co-2 was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019. There have been about 6.5 million reported cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and about 350 000 reported deaths throughout the world withi…
  • Polyoxometalate-Based Compounds for Photo/electrocatalytic Applications. [Journal Article]
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2020 Jul 07 [Online ahead of print]Lan YQ, Li N, … Dong BX
  • Photo/electrocatalysis of water (H 2 O) splitting and CO 2 reduction reactions is known as the promising means to alleviate the energy crisis and excessive CO 2 emissions. For the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), CO 2 reduction reaction (CO 2 RR) involved, the development of effective photo/electrocatalysts is critical to reduce the activation energy and acceler…
  • Rethinking the Importance of the Individual within a Community of Data. [Journal Article]
    Hastings Cent Rep. 2020 Jul 07 [Online ahead of print]Spector-Bagdady K, Beever J
  • The Covid-19 crisis has underscored the importance of the collection and analysis of clinical and research data and specimens for ongoing work. The federal government recently completed a related revision of the human subjects research regulations, founded in the traditional principles of research ethics, but in this commentary, we argue that the analysis underpinning this revision overemphasized…
  • Indoor air quality and sick building syndrome in a university setting: a case study in Greece. [Journal Article]
    Int J Environ Health Res. 2020 Jul 07 [Online ahead of print]Tsantaki E, Smyrnakis E, … Benos A
  • The perceived Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the prevalence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) symptoms and its contributing risk factors were assessed in a university during the period of the economic crisis in Greece. Data was collected from 613 employees via questionnaires. Hierarchical linear regression analysis was performed. The most prevalent perceived IAQ complaints were 'Dust and dirt' (63.2%), …
  • A nation-wide survey on emotional and psychological impacts of COVID-19 social distancing. [Journal Article]
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2020 Jun; 24(12):7155-7163.Cerbara L, Ciancimino G, … Palomba R
  • CONCLUSIONS: The well-known Maslow's theory of human needs seems to fit well with the outbreak of negative emotions in the context of COVID-19. This study demonstrates the existence of links between negative emotions and primary needs that mainly refer to the first three levels of Maslow's pyramid. As a result of COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many people have been sucked into the bottom layers of the pyramid. This change in individual basic needs has triggered a relevant transformation in individual emotional status and a shift towards negative emotions.
  • Proning in Non-Intubated (PINI) in Times of COVID-19: Case Series and a Review. [Journal Article]
    J Intensive Care Med. 2020 Aug; 35(8):818-824.Paul V, Patel S, … Koenig S
  • It has been well known for decades that prone positioning (PP) improves oxygenation. However, it has gained widespread acceptance only in the last few years since studies have shown significant survival benefit. Many centers have established prone ventilation in their treatment algorithm for mechanically ventilated patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Physiologically, …
  • Green purchase behavior towards green housing: an investigation of Bangladeshi consumers. [Journal Article]
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2020 Jul 06 [Online ahead of print]Zahan I, Chuanmin S, … Hafeez M
  • Worldwide green products are getting popularity and acceptance due to energy crisis, climate change, and other environmental degradations which reveal the upcoming challenges of the twenty-first century. In construction industry, green housing (GH) is an emerging concept towards environmental sustainability. However, this study intends to consider the green purchase intention of Bangladeshi consu…
  • Children drinking private well water have higher blood lead than those with city water. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Jul 06 [Online ahead of print]Gibson JM, Fisher M, … Cook PJ
  • Although the Flint, Michigan, water crisis renewed concerns about lead (Pb) in city drinking water, little attention has been paid to Pb in private wells, which provide drinking water for 13% of the US population. This study evaluates the risk of Pb exposure in children in households relying on private wells. It is based on a curated dataset of blood Pb records from 59,483 North Carolina children…
  • Fast and facile biodegradation of polystyrene by the gut microbial flora of Plesiophthalmus davidis larvae. [Journal Article]
    Appl Environ Microbiol. 2020 Jul 06 [Online ahead of print]Woo S, Song I, Cha HJ
  • Polystyrene (PS), which accounts for a significant fraction of plastic wastes, is difficult to biodegrade due to its unique molecular structure. Therefore, biodegradation and chemical modification of PS is limited. In this study, we report PS biodegradation by the larvae of another darkling beetle, Plesiophthalmus davidis (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). In 14 days, P. davidis ingested 34.27 ± 4.04 m…
  • Dying patients with COVID-19: What should Hospital Palliative Care Teams (HPCTs) be prepared for? [Journal Article]
    Palliat Support Care. 2020 Jun 23 [Online ahead of print]Anneser J
  • CONCLUSIONS: COVID-19 patients who are not eligible for ICU treatment may have a particularly high need for palliative care. Since beds in specialist palliative care units are limited, the HPCT should be prepared to care for these patients. They may offer support in decision-making, optimize symptom control, and provide psychosocial care for patients and their families. Visiting restrictions aimed to protect the general public must be weighted against the patient's and family's suffering.
  • Is Litigation the Way to Combat the Opioid Crisis? [Journal Article]
    J Law Med Ethics. 2020 Jun; 48(2):293-306.Ausness RC
  • This paper examines the lawsuits brought by state and local government entities against prescription opioid producers and sellers. It examines their potential liability as well as some of the defenses they might raise. The paper also discusses multidistrict litigation and government lawsuits in state court. It concludes that litigation is not the best solution to the opioid crisis.
  • The Public Health Value of Opioid Litigation. [Journal Article]
    J Law Med Ethics. 2020 Jun; 48(2):279-292.Haffajee RL
  • Opioid litigation continues a growing public health litigation trend in which governments seek to hold companies responsible for population harms related to their products. The litigation can serve to address gaps in regulatory and legislative policymaking and in market self-regulation pervasive in the prescription opioid domain. Moreover, prior opioid settlements have satisfied civil tort litiga…
  • Media Exposure and Anxiety during COVID-19: The Mediation Effect of Media Vicarious Traumatization. [Journal Article]
    Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Jun 30; 17(13)Liu C, Liu Y
  • The rapid spread and high death rates of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in massive panic and anxiety all over the world. People rely heavily on media for information-seeking during the period of social isolation. This study aimed to explore the relationship between media exposure and anxiety, and highlighted the underlying mechanisms mediated by the media vicarious traumatization effect. A total …
  • Recent advances in natural products exploitation in Streptomyces via synthetic biology. [Review]
    Eng Life Sci. 2019 Jun; 19(6):452-462.Zhao Q, Wang L, Luo Y
  • Natural products of microbial origin have proven to be the wellspring of clinically useful compounds for human therapeutics. Streptomyces species are predominant sources of bioactive compounds, most of which serve as potential drug candidates. While the exploitation of natural products has been severely reduced over the past two decades, the growing crisis of evolution and dissemination of drug r…
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