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16,840 results
  • Molecular phylogenetics of the African horseshoe bats (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae): expanded geographic and taxonomic sampling of the Afrotropics. [Journal Article]
    BMC Evol Biol 2019; 19(1):166Demos TC, Webala PW, … Patterson BD
  • CONCLUSIONS: Multiple well-supported and deeply divergent lineages were resolved in each of the six African Rhinolophus species groups analyzed, suggesting as many as 12 undescribed cryptic species; these include several instances of sympatry among close relatives. Coalescent lineage delimitation offered support for new undescribed lineages in four of the six African groups in this study. On the other hand, two to five currently recognized species may be invalid based on combined mitochondrial and/or nuclear phylogenetic analyses. Validation of these cryptic lineages as species and formal relegation of current names to synonymy will require integrative taxonomic assessments involving morphology, ecology, acoustics, distribution, and behavior. The resulting phylogenetic framework offers a powerful basis for addressing questions regarding their ecology and evolution.
  • Grey zones of sexual selection: why is finding a modern definition so hard? [Journal Article]
    Proc Biol Sci 2019; 286(1909):20191325Alonzo SH, Servedio MR
  • Sexual selection has long been acknowledged as an important evolutionary force, capable of shaping phenotypes ranging from fascinating and unusual displays to cryptic traits whose function is only uncovered by careful study. Yet, despite decades of research, reaching a consensus definition of the term 'sexual selection' has proved difficult. Here we explore why arriving at a unifying definition o…
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