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8 results
  • Barcoding of Chrysomelidae of Euro-Mediterranean area: efficiency and problematic species. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2018; 8(1):13398Magoga G, Sahin DC, … Montagna M
  • Leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), with more than 37,000 species worldwide and about 2,300 in the Euro-Mediterranean region, are an ecological and economical relevant family, making their molecular identification of interest also in agriculture. This study, part of the Mediterranean Chrysomelidae Barcoding project (, aims to: (i) develop a reference Cytochrome c oxidase I (CO…
  • Updated checklist of Balearic leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2017; 4272(2):151-177Petitpierre E, Sacarés A, Jurado-Rivera JA
  • The first updated checklist of Balearic leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) since 1960 is presented here, evincing the presence of 118 species. This estimation is clearly lower than the 141 species reported in the only list available to date (Jolivet, 1953), and the dissimilarity is even more pronounced if we take into account that 22 new species have been added during this period. The possible explanat…
  • Checklist of leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from the state of Morelos, Mexico. [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2016; 4088(1):91-111Niño-Maldonado S, Sánchez-Reyes UJ, … Jones RW
  • We record 116 genera and 366 species of Chrysomelidae from the state of Morelos, Mexico. This represents an increase of 9.3% in the species richness of these beetles for the state. Also, Morelos is currently the third most diverse state in leaf beetles within Mexico, with 16.78% of total species recorded for the country. The most diverse genera were Calligrapha, Disonycha, Blepharida, Leptinotars…
  • New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Megalopodidae and Chrysomelidae. [Journal Article]
    Zookeys 2012; (179):321-48Webster RP, Lesage L, Demerchant I
  • Zeugophora varians Crotch and the family Megalopodidae are newly recorded for New Brunswick, Canada. Twenty-eight species of Chrysomelidae are newly recorded for New Brunswick, including Acalymma gouldi Barber, Altica knabii Blatchley, Altica rosae Woods, Altica woodsi Isely, Bassareus mammifer (Newman), Chrysolina marginata (Linnaeus), Chrysomela laurentia Brown, Crepidodera violacea Melsheimer,…
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