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(cultural competence)
10,364 results
  • Cultural Humility: A Way to Reduce LGBTQ Health Disparities at the End of Life. [Journal Article]
    Am J Hosp Palliat Care 2019; :1049909119880548Sprik P, Gentile D
  • Sexual and gender minorities experience disparities throughout the life course. These are especially detrimental at the end-of-life and can include disenfranchised grief, homophobia and transphobia from medical staff, and forced outing. The best healthcare training approach to ameliorate health disparities is debated. Cultural competency trainings for clinicians have been commonly proposed by maj…
  • How Culture is Understood in Faculty Development in the Health Professions: A Scoping Review. [Journal Article]
    Acad Med 2019Lewis LD, Steinert Y
  • CONCLUSIONS: Culture was frequently mentioned but rarely defined in the FD literature. In programs focused on cultural competence and career development, addressing culture was understood as a way of accounting for racial and socioeconomic disparities. In international FD programs, accommodations for cultural differences were infrequently described, despite authors acknowledging the importance of national norms, values, beliefs, and practices. In a time of increasing international collaboration, an awareness of, and sensitivity to, cultural contexts is needed.
  • Relegating Psychosis: Blood Work and "Routine Connection" in the Clozapine Clinic. [Journal Article]
    Cult Med Psychiatry 2019Brown JEH
  • This paper attends to the sociality available in the clozapine clinic regimen and suggests that the social dimensions of clozapine treatment may be as important as the biochemical efficacy of clozapine. The clozapine clinic is where people diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia who take the antipsychotic clozapine go for routine monitoring of clozapine side effects, particularly haematological effe…
  • Culturally Responsive Services as a Path to Equity in Mental Healthcare. [Journal Article]
    Healthc Pap 2019; 18(2):11-23Kirmayer LJ, Jarvis GE
  • Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees and racialized groups, as well as some long-established ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious communities, experience inequities in mental health in Canadian society. These inequities result from social structural determinants of health that are embedded in the cultural knowledge, values and attitudes of the specific group as well as those of the l…
  • Collaboration in Outreach: The Kumasi, Ghana, Model. [Review]
    Hand Clin 2019; 35(4):429-434Behar BJ, Danso OO, … Lalonde DH
  • Hand surgery does not have to be expensive. Substituting evidence-based field sterility for main operating room sterility and using wide-awake, local anesthesia, no tourniquet (WALANT) surgery instead of sedation makes hand surgery much more affordable worldwide. This article explains how North Americans collaborated with Ghanaian hand surgeons and therapists to establish more affordable hand car…
  • Postoperative Management of Hand Surgery in the Low- and Middle-Income Countries. [Review]
    Hand Clin 2019; 35(4):403-410Riggs J, Chung KC
  • The prevention and treatment of hand injuries in low- to middle-income countries needs to be a priority. Surgical outreach trips are a primary avenue for patients to receive interventions. Challenges include language and cultural barriers, poor infrastructure, and limitations in a patient's ability to follow-up. Strategies to maximize patient functional outcomes include cultural competence, patie…
  • Religious practices and long-term survival after hospital discharge for an acute coronary syndrome. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(10):e0223442Abu HO, Lapane KL, … Goldberg RJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: Most ACS survivors acknowledge deriving strength and comfort from religion, praying for their health, and intercessions made by others for their health. Although the reported religious practices were not associated with post-discharge survival after multivariable adjustment, acknowledging that patients utilize their religious beliefs and practices as strategies to improve their health would ensure a more holistic approach to patient management and promote cultural competence in healthcare.
  • Diana Blumberg Baumrind (1927-2018). [Journal Article]
    Am Psychol 2019; 74(7):850Sorkhabi N, Larzelere RE
  • This article memorializes Diana Blumberg Baumrind (1927-2018). In her illustrious career at the Institute of Human Development at UCB, Diana largely focused on understanding the parent-child relationship. Diana was the lifelong director of the Family Socialization and Developmental Competence Project at UCB, where she undertook her longitudinal program of parenting research. Diana's research was …
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