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  • Tolerance and adherence of cationic 0.1 % cyclosporine in ocular Graft-versus-Host Disease. [Journal Article]
    Ophthalmic Res. 2020 May 29 [Online ahead of print]Gehlsen U, Siebelmann S, Steven P
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates differences between the tolerance of different Cs formulations depending on the underlying cause of severe keratitis. Cationic 0.1 % Cs is considerably less tolerated in oGvHD. As oGvHD patients were excluded from clinical trials leading to approval of the commercial product, its use should be considered with care.
  • Erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis - diagnosis and treatment. [Review]
    J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 2020 May 29 [Online ahead of print]Grünwald P, Mockenhaupt M, … Emmert S
  • Prior to the first international consensus classification published in 1993, the clinical distinction between erythema multiforme (EM), Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) had been subject to uncertainty and controversy for more than a century. Based on this classification, the three conditions are defined by the morphology of the individual lesions and their patte…
  • Annexin V in children with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome treated with cyclosporine A. [Journal Article]
    Adv Clin Exp Med. 2020 May 28 [Online ahead of print]Jakubowska A, Kiliś-Pstrusińska K
  • CONCLUSIONS: The increased urinary excretion of AnV in children with INS receiving CsA treatment may suggest its usefulness as an early marker of subclinical CsAN. Annexin V seems to be a more sensitive indicator of tubular damage in the course of CsA therapy than UM, though large, multicenter studies are needed.
  • Anti-CD6 mAbs for the treatment of psoriasis. [Journal Article]
    Expert Opin Biol Ther. 2020 May 28 [Online ahead of print]Dogra S, D S, Rajagopalan M
  • Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition known to affect about 1%-3% of the global population. Psoriasis can be a serious burden to the patients, having deleterious effect on their physical, social and mental wellbeing. Systemic therapies consisting of methotrexate, cyclosporine, acitretin, PUVA, etc. used in moderate to severe psoriasis, are associated with end organ toxicity with long…
  • Optimal Dosing of Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus to Improve Medication Adherence after Heart Transplantation. [Journal Article]
    J Heart Lung Transplant. 2020 Apr; 39(4S):S495-S496.Barten MJ, Hua X, … Reichenspurner H
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this study we were able to show that the replacement of innovator-TAC by generic-TAC with multiple available dosages, and the simplification and systematic adjustment of CsA dosing could significantly reduce the daily tablet count, and even the total amount of cost. The reduction of the daily tablets could, therefore, increase medication adherence and help to improve outcome after HTx.
  • Dynamic Evolution of Chronic Lung Allograft Rejection in the Mouse. [Journal Article]
    J Heart Lung Transplant. 2020 Apr; 39(4S):S472.Heigl T, Kaes J, … Vanaudenaerde BM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Multimodal follow-up of transplanted animals using blood Igs and in vivo µCT imaging combined with histopathology are useful to monitor CR after LTx. Immunosuppression has a major influence on the outcome and has to be considered when modelling post LTx complications.
  • Immune Dysregulation after Pediatric Heart Transplantation. [Journal Article]
    J Heart Lung Transplant. 2020 Apr; 39(4S):S455.Laks JA, Kiss A, Dipchand AI
  • CONCLUSIONS: Allergy and autoimmune disease are common post pediatric heart transplant and are an important cause of long-term morbidity. Further study is required to better understand the pathophysiologic mechanisms behind this and to identify potential treatment or preventative strategies.
  • Immunosuppressive and immunomodulator therapy for rare or uncommon skin disorders in pandemic days. [Journal Article]
    Dermatol Ther. 2020 May 27 [Online ahead of print]Karadag AS, Aslan Kayıran M, … Wollina U
  • Immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory therapies are important in dermatology, but indications are influenced by SARS-CoV-2. We will focus on are skin disorders such as autoimmune connective tissue disorders, neutrophilic dermatoses and vasculitis. Immunomodulators such as colchicine and antimalarials can easily be preferred taking their beneficial effects on Covid-19 into consideration and also …
  • Freeze-Dried Softisan® 649-Based Lipid Nanoparticles for Enhanced Skin Delivery of Cyclosporine A. [Journal Article]
    Nanomaterials (Basel). 2020 May 21; 10(5)Silva MI, Barbosa AI, … Reis S
  • Inflammatory skin diseases, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, affect around one quarter to one third of the world population. Systemic cyclosporine A, an immunosuppressant agent, is included in the current therapeutic armamentarium of these diseases. Despite being highly effective, it is associated with several side effects, and its topical administration is limited by its high molecular…
  • Galectin-8 mediates fibrogenesis induced by cyclosporine in human gingival fibroblasts. [Journal Article]
    J Periodontal Res. 2020 May 25 [Online ahead of print]Smith PC, Metz C, … Soza A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Taken together, these results reveal for the first time Gal-8 as a fibrogenic stimulus exerted through β1-integrin/FAK pathways in human gingival fibroblasts, which can be triggered by cyclosporine. Further studies should explore the involvement of Gal-8 in human gingival tissues and its role in drug-induced gingival overgrowth.
  • [Aortic aneurysm in a patient with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Alerg Mex. 2020 Jan-Mar; 67(1):87-93.García-Domínguez M, De la O-Espinoza EA, Cruz-Muñoz M
  • CONCLUSIONS: Vasculitis in Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome is rare and it is usually asymptomatic in early stages, so an annual cardiovascular evaluation should be performed in order to avoid the complications of an aneurysm, which can be deleterious in this type of immunodeficiency where the possibility of death from bleeding is high.
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