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54 results
  • Detection of four patients who were infected by Schistosoma haematobium in Vietnam. [Journal Article]
    Infect Drug Resist 2019; 12:439-445De NV, La T, … Duyet LV
  • CONCLUSIONS: Four Vietnamese schistosomiasis patients returned from Angola: three were diagnosed with schistosomiasis and one was diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer. They had similar symptoms including a strange feeling, cystalgia, hematuria, and eosinophilia and were detected with Schistosoma eggs in urine.
  • [Non-infectious cystalgias]. [Review]
    Rev Med Brux 2013; 34(4):232-5Blaze V
  • The trophicity of women's urogenital tissues depends on the hormone level and on the quality of the vaginal flora. Stresses of these mucous membranes, seemingly minor, give rise to complaints of a perceived perineal discomfort, which is disproportionate to the causes. Population in Occident has access to the best medical care and hygiene conditions ever. Yet, expenditures on treatment of these mi…
  • [Posttuberculous cystalgia]. [Case Reports]
    Urol Nefrol (Mosk) 1995 Sep-Oct; (5):47-9Kul'chavenia EV
  • Follow-up outcomes of urogenital tuberculosis with involvement of the bladder are provided for patients of the Novosibirsk regional and city hospitals. The cure was achieved in 42.1% of patients, posttuberculous cystalgia (PTC) developed in 36.8% microcystitis in 21.1% of cases. Age-related hormonal insufficiency contributes to the onset of PTC. An original technique of laser thermopuncture is de…
  • [The clinical efficacy of the new drug agent ligentén in urology patients]. [Journal Article]
    Urol Nefrol (Mosk) 1994 May-Jun; (3):14-7Perepanova TS, Darenkov AF, … Siniukhin VN
  • A clinical trial was made of a new gel ligenten intended for local urethral anesthesia and treatment of infection and inflammation in the lower urinary tracts. Ligenten was given to 52 patients to manage bladder, prostate, urethral infection and inflammation, for local prophylaxis before cystoscopy, urethral bouginage and transurethral surgery. Apparent advantages of intraurethral introduction of…
  • [The problem of paramedicine and the therapy of urologic patients]. [Journal Article]
    Khirurgiia (Sofiia) 1993; 46(4):54-7Stratev S, Panaĭotov P
  • A questionnaire study covering a large number of urological patients is carried out in an attempt to establish the extent to which the services of paramedical healers are sought, as well as the underlying motivation involved. It is demonstrated that 13.12 per cent of the inquired refer to alternative medicine specialists. Usually it is a matter of patients with chronic and incurable conditions, s…
  • [The laser therapy of cystalgia]. [Case Reports]
    Urol Nefrol (Mosk) 1992 Jul-Dec; (4-6):18-21Arbuliev MG, Gadzhiev DP
  • The paper yields the results of treating patients with cystalgias. The conventional therapeutic techniques are low effective. The duration of out- and in-patient care is great, 24 days. Laser therapy was performed in 62 patients with cystalgias, including 30 who received a combined therapy due to concurrent diseases. An AFL-1 helium-neon optical maser generation radiation at a wave of 632.8 mM an…
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