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76,716 results
  • The Ca2+ permeation mechanism of the ryanodine receptor revealed by a multi-site ion model. [Journal Article]
    Nat Commun 2020; 11(1):922Zhang A, Yu H, … Song C
  • Ryanodine receptors (RyR) are ion channels responsible for the release of Ca2+ from the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum and play a crucial role in the precise control of Ca2+ concentration in the cytosol. The detailed permeation mechanism of Ca2+ through RyR is still elusive. By using molecular dynamics simulations with a specially designed Ca2+ model, we show that multiple Ca2+ ions accumulate in th…
  • Tyrosine kinase signaling in and on the endoplasmic reticulum. [Journal Article]
    Biochem Soc Trans 2020Farhan H
  • Tyrosine kinases are signaling molecules that are common to all metazoans and are involved in the regulation of many cellular processes such as proliferation and survival. While most attention has been devoted to tyrosine kinases signaling at the plasma membrane and the cytosol, very little attention has been dedicated to signaling at endomembranes. In this review, I will discuss recent evidence …
  • A Protective Role of Translocator Protein in Alzheimer's Disease Brain. [Journal Article]
    Curr Alzheimer Res 2020Jung ME
  • Translocator protein (18 kDa) (TSPO) is a mitochondrial protein that locates cytosol cholesterol to mitochondrial membranes to begin the synthesis of steroids including neurotrophic neurosteroids. TSPO is abundantly present in glial cells that support neurons and respond to neuroinflammation. Located at the outer membrane of mitochondria, TSPO regulates the opening of mitochondrial permeability t…
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