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(deep heating deep heat)
5 results
  • Alkali (NaOH) pretreatment of switchgrass by radio frequency-based dielectric heating. [Journal Article]
    Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2008 Mar; 148(1-3):71-81.Hu Z, Wang Y, Wen Z
  • Radio-frequency (RF)-based dielectric heating was used in the alkali (NaOH) pretreatment of switchgrass to enhance its enzymatic digestibility. Due to the unique features of RF heating (i.e., volumetric heat transfer, deep heat penetration of the samples, etc.), switchgrass could be treated on a large scale, high solid content, and uniform temperature profile. At 20% solid content, RF-assisted al…
  • Deep heat in the treatment of inflammatory joint disease. [Journal Article]
    Med Hypotheses. 1988 Apr; 25(4):231-3.Weinberger A, Fadilah R, … Pinkhas J
  • There is now a growing body of clinical evidence suggesting a therapeutic approach to cancer and prostatic hypertrophy by using hyperthermia. It is proposed that such a hyperthermic modality can produce thermal synovectomy in inflammatory arthritis. Heating the joint cavity up to 42 deg C can inhibit the enzymatic effect of collagenase, oxygenase, and other enzymes playing a role in the inflammat…
  • The use of physical agents in rehabilitation of athletic injuries. [Journal Article]
    Clin Sports Med. 1985 Jul; 4(3):431-8.Hillman SK, Delforge G
  • The competitive athlete's motivation to return to activity following injury presents a challenge to the sports medicine specialist to utilize the most effective rehabilitation procedures available. Safe return to competition necessitates maximal restoration of those components of physical fitness affected by injury (such as muscular strength, power, endurance). Various forms of superficial heat a…
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