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  • Denture use and dental risk factors associated developing osteoradionecrosis after head and neck radiotherapy: A retrospective analysis of hospital records. [Journal Article]
    J Dent. 2020 Jun 19 [Online ahead of print]Abed H, Burke M, … Scott SE
  • CONCLUSIONS: Within the limitations of this single-centre study in which few patients developed ORN, denture use may not be a risk factor for ORN following radiotherapy for HNC. This is likely to be the case if dentures are well-fitting and not causing sores or irritation.Replacement of the missing teeth with dentures in HNC patients post-radiotherapy may be a suitable choice for many HNC survivors. However, a powered study in a large cohort that includes clinical evaluation of dentures and the quality of fit alongside denture wearing experience would be useful to further assess the impact of denture use on the development of ORN.
  • Biocompatibility and Antimicrobial Activity of Reynoutria elliptica Extract for Dental Application. [Journal Article]
    Plants (Basel). 2020 May 26; 9(6)Yang SY, Kang MK
  • This study was conducted to determine whether nature-derived Reynoutria elliptica extracts exhibit biocompatibility and antimicrobial effects against oral pathogens such as Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans. Fine particles of Reynoutria elliptica extract were used to probe for biocompatibility and antimicrobial activity toward these pathogens, and results were evaluated with an MTT (3-[4,…
  • A pattern of care analysis: Prosthetic rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients after radiotherapy. [Journal Article]
    Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2020 Apr 29 [Online ahead of print]Wiedenmann F, Liebermann A, … Mayinger M
  • CONCLUSIONS: As treatment planning differed with regard to the participants' field of expertise and work environment, and most practitioners only handle a low number of cases, patients might benefit from centralization in larger institutes with a multidisciplinary structure. A high agreement between the practitioners' treatment concepts and the current state of research was observed. While the choice between a mucosa- or tooth-supported, and an implant-supported restoration depends on numerous individual factors, guidelines derived from longitudinal studies would enhance evidence-based treatment in this field.
  • A 10-Year Review of the Complications Caused by Ingested and Aspirated Dentures. [Journal Article]
    Ear Nose Throat J. 2020 Apr 15 [Online ahead of print]Daniels J, Oremule B, … Khwaja S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Denture aspiration or ingestion can have serious consequences. Factors impacting complication rate revolve around early recognition and treatment. Clinician awareness of the potential risks of dentures is paramount to early diagnosis. We recommend early intervention to reduce the morbidity associated with this unassuming device.
  • Masking a Metal Cast Post and Core Using High Opacity e.max Ceramic Coping: A Case Report. [Case Reports]
    J Int Soc Prev Community Dent. 2019 Nov-Dec; 9(6):646-651.Alshouibi E, Alaqil F
  • Advancements in dental biomaterials have led to the introduction and application of ceramic-based restorations in dental practice. Currently, ceramic restorations are used in crowns and fixed partial dentures. The optical properties of ceramic restorations are comparable to natural teeth in terms of light scattering and transmission. However, the translucency of ceramic restorations could be a li…
  • Osseointegration Foundation Charity Overdenture Program Study. [Journal Article]
    Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. 2020 Mar/Apr; 40(2):279-283.Nevins M, Capetta E, … Winston M
  • This investigation has been stimulated by the Osseointegration Foundation, working in conjunction with the Zest Anchors implant company. There are three basic valuable activities that emerge from a professional foundation, which were reflected in this case study. They include disseminating information to practitioners, to persuade young clinicians to become research investigators, and to reach ou…
  • Full-mouth rehabilitation of a patient with cleidocranial dysplasia using immediately loaded basal implant-supported fixed prostheses: A case report. [Journal Article]
    Int J Surg Case Rep. 2019; 65:344-348.Ahmad AG, Osman M, Awadalkreem F
  • CONCLUSIONS: The timing of diagnosis, patient's age, willingness to undergo the planned treatment, and treatment duration are valuable considerations for establishing an appropriate treatment plan for the oral manifestations of CCD.To our knowledge, this is the first report on basal implant-based full-mouth rehabilitation in a patient with CCD. Basal implant-supported prostheses may be useful for patients with CCD who present with a limited bony foundation after tooth removal. The treatment requires lesser time than orthodontic treatment, eliminates the need for bone grafting, spares the patient from ill-fitting dentures, reduces the overall cost, and improves the quality of life.
  • StatPearls: Stability In Mandibular Denture [BOOK]
    . StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Jain Prachi P Pandit B. D Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak Rathee Manu M Pandit B. D. Sharma University of Health Sciences BOOK
  • In the life of an individual, teeth play an indispensable role. Complete loss of teeth results in loss of aesthetics as well as function. Thus, the replacement of teeth in the form of artificial dentures is an important requisite. Mucosa borne complete denture is the conventional treatment modality adopted most commonly for the edentulous patients. The patient’s acceptance of the finished prosthe…
  • The residual dentition among New Zealanders in aged residential care. [Journal Article]
    Gerodontology. 2019 Sep; 36(3):216-222.Hyland N, Smith MB, … Thomson WM
  • CONCLUSIONS: Having various degrees of tooth loss was the norm, with the upper tooth-bounded saddles against any partially dentate lower combination most common, and limited to females. An edentulous maxilla opposed by some standing teeth was observed in over one-quarter of the population, and most common among Māori and those who were older. Maxillary prostheses were much more common than mandibular ones. Caring for dentate older people in aged residential care is likely to be complicated by the wide range of dentition configurations.
  • The Saliva Metabolome in Association to Oral Health Status. [Journal Article]
    J Dent Res. 2019 06; 98(6):642-651.Liebsch C, Pitchika V, … Pietzner M
  • Periodontitis is one of the most prevalent oral diseases worldwide and is caused by multifactorial interactions between host and oral bacteria. Altered cellular metabolism of host and microbes releases a number of intermediary end products known as metabolites. There is an increasing interest in identifying metabolites from oral fluids such as saliva to widen the understanding of the complex path…
  • Extra-Long Nasal Wall-Directed Dental Implants for Maxillary Complete Arch Immediate Function: A Pilot Study. [Review]
    Oral Maxillofac Surg Clin North Am. 2019 May; 31(2):349-356.Nicoli G, Piva S, … Jensen OT
  • Immediate loading of maxillary denture prostheses in the context of severe bone atrophy is complicated by posterior implant placement, sometimes requiring a complex surgical approach as zygomatic or pterygoid implants. To overcome this complexity, the authors developed an extra-long (20-24 mm) 24-degree angulated platform. It was tested on 33 patients, with 24 patients immediately loaded (72.7%) …
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