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2,771 results
  • Spin-Dependent O2 Binding to Hemoglobin. [Journal Article]
    ACS Omega 2018; 3(8):9241-9245Kurokawa D, Gueriba JS, Diño WA
  • We report results of our study on the mechanism of spin-dependent O2 binding to hemoglobin, which we represent as FePIm (Fe = iron, P = porphyrin, Im = imidazole). This involves the transition between two states, viz., the oxyhemoglobin state and the deoxyhemoglobin state. The deoxyhemoglobin state pertains to FePIm and a free O2 molecule, while the oxyhemoglobin state pertains to an O2 bound to …
  • Multi-parametric analysis reveals metabolic and vascular effects driving differences in BOLD-based cerebrovascular reactivity associated with a history of sport concussion. [Journal Article]
    Brain Inj 2019; 33(11):1479-1489Champagne AA, Coverdale NS, … Cook DJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results emphasize that while BOLD-CVR offers promises as a surrogate non-specific biomarker for cerebrovascular health following SRC, multiple hemodynamic parameters can affect its relative measurements. Abbreviations: [dHb]: concentration of deoxyhemoglobin; AFNI: Analysis of Functional NeuroImages (; ASL: arterial spin labeling; BIG: position group: defensive and offensive linemen; BIG-SKILL: position group: full backs, linebackers, running backs, tight-ends; BOLD: blood oxygen level dependent; CBF: cerebral blood flow; CMRO2: cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption; CTL: group of control subjects; CVR: cerebrovascular reactivity; fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging; FSL: FMRIB software library (; HC: hypercapnia; HO: hyperoxia; HX: group with history of concussion; M: maximal theoretical BOLD signal upon complete removal of venous dHb; pCASL: pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling; PETCO2: end-tidal carbon dioxide; PETO2: end-tidal oxygen; SCAT: sport-concussion assessment tool; SKILL: position group: defensive backs, kickers, quarterbacks, safeties, wide-receivers; SRC: sport-related concussion.
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