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1,577,390 results
  • Electrochemical Actuators Based on Two-Dimensional Ti3C2Tx (MXene). [Journal Article]
    Nano Lett 2019Pang D, Alhabeb M, … Gao Y
  • Electrochemical actuators are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy via electrochemical processes. They are used in soft robotics, artificial muscles, micro-pumps, sensors and other fields. The design of flexible and stable electrode materials remains a major challenge. MXenes, an emerging family of 2D materials, have found applications in energy storage. Here, we report a…
  • A simple and efficient device and method for measuring the kinetics of gas-producing reactions. [Journal Article]
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2019Slot TK, Shiju NR, Rothenberg G
  • We present a new device for quantifying gases or gas mixtures based on the simple principle of bubble counting. With this device we can follow reaction kinetics down to volume step sizes of 8-12 µL. This enables the accurate determination of both timeand sizeof these gas quanta, giving a very detailed kinetic analysis. We demonstrate this method and device using ammonia borane hydrolysis as a mod…
  • Hyperpolarized high order multiple quantum coherences at ultra-low fields. [Journal Article]
    Chemphyschem 2019Buckenmaier K, Scheffler K, … Pravdivtsev A
  • The development of hyperpolarization technologies enabled several yet exotic NMR applications at low and Ultra-Low Fields (ULF), where without hyperpolarization even the detection of a signal from analytes is a challenge. Here we present a method for the simultaneous excitation and observation of homo- and heteronuclear multiple quantum coherences (from zero up to the third-order), which give an …
  • Characterization of sequentially-staged cancer cells using electrorotation. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(9):e0222289Trainito CI, Sweeney DC, … Davalos RV
  • The identification and separation of cells from heterogeneous populations is critical to the diagnosis of diseases. Label-free methodologies in particular have been developed to manipulate individual cells using properties such as density and morphology. The electrical properties of malignant cells, including the membrane capacitance and cytoplasmic conductivity, have been demonstrated to be alte…
  • The impact of different augmentative methods on the expression of inflammatory factors. [Journal Article]
    J Oral Implantol 2019Stoetzer M, Alevizakos V, … von See C
  • Many animal studies show that an intact periosteum plays an important role in osseous regeneration. The potential effect of an in vivo periosteal barrier membrane on the expression of specific proteins has not been examined sufficiently. The aim of the present study is to investigate the influence of flap preparation method and collagen membrane on the emission of inflammatory factors. This study…
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