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558 results
  • Establishment and evolution of heterochromatin. [Review]
    Ann N Y Acad Sci 2020Liu J, Ali M, Zhou Q
  • The eukaryotic genome is packaged into transcriptionally active euchromatin and silent heterochromatin, with most studies focused on the former encompassing the majority of protein-coding genes. The recent development of various sequencing techniques has refined this classic dichromatic partition and has better illuminated the composition, establishment, and evolution of this genomic and epigenom…
  • Utility of Dual Red Imaging for Endoscopic Hemostasis of Gastric Ulcer Bleeding. [Case Reports]
    Dig Dis 2019; :1-3Kubosawa Y, Mori H, Fujimoto A
  • Dual red imaging (DRI; Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI)) is a new type of image-enhanced endoscopy composed of two long wavelengths that together can visualize vessels in the deep submucosa of the gastrointestinal wall. We treated a case of gastric ulcer bleeding in which the bleeding point could be clearly visualized using DRI. A 71-year-old man who was taking warfarin for atrial fibrillation notic…
  • Visual opsin diversity in sharks and rays. [Journal Article]
    Mol Biol Evol 2019Hart NS, Lamb TD, … Hunt DM
  • The diversity of colour vision systems found in extant vertebrates suggests that different evolutionary selection pressures have driven specialisations in photoreceptor complement and visual pigment spectral tuning appropriate for an animal's behaviour, habitat and life history. Aquatic vertebrates in particular show high variability in chromatic vision and have become important models for unders…
  • An arbitrary-spectrum spatial visual stimulator for vision research. [Journal Article]
    Elife 2019; 8Franke K, Maia Chagas A, … Euler T
  • Visual neuroscientists require accurate control of visual stimulation. However, few stimulator solutions simultaneously offer high spatio-temporal resolution and free control over the spectra of the light sources, because they rely on off-the-shelf technology developed for human trichromatic vision. Importantly, consumer displays fail to drive UV-shifted short wavelength-sensitive photoreceptors,…
  • Body coloration and mechanisms of colour production in Archelosauria: the case of deirocheline turtles. [Journal Article]
    R Soc Open Sci 2019; 6(7):190319Brejcha J, Bataller JV, … Font E
  • Animal body coloration is a complex trait resulting from the interplay of multiple mechanisms. While many studies address the functions of animal coloration, the mechanisms of colour production still remain unknown in most taxa. Here we compare reflectance spectra, cellular, ultra- and nano-structure of colour-producing elements, and pigment types in two freshwater turtles with contrasting courts…
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