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6,029 results
  • Maturation of retroviruses. [Review]
  • COCurr Opin Virol 2019 Jun 07; 36:47-55
  • Pornillos O, Ganser-Pornillos BK
  • During retrovirus maturation, cleavage of the precursor structural Gag polyprotein by the viral protease induces architectural rearrangement of the virus particle from an immature into a mature, infe…
  • Lymphatic Vessel Pumping. [Journal Article]
  • AEAdv Exp Med Biol 2019; 1124:357-377
  • von der Weid PY
  • The lymphatic system extends its network of vessels throughout most of the body. Lymphatic vessels carry a fluid rich in proteins, immune cells, and long-chain fatty acids known as lymph. It results …
  • Colletotrichum acutatum M11 can suppress the defence response in strawberry plants. [Journal Article]
  • PPlanta 2019 Jun 06
  • Tomas-Grau RH, Di Peto P, … Díaz-Ricci JC
  • CONCLUSIONS: Colletotrichum acutatum M11 produces a diffusible compound that suppresses the biochemical, physiological, molecular and anatomical events associated with the defence response induced by the plant defence elicitor AsES. The fungal pathogen Colletotrichum acutatum, the causal agent of anthracnose disease, causes important economical losses in strawberry crop worldwide and synthetic agrochemicals are used to control it. In this context, the control of the disease using bioproducts is gaining reputation as an alternative of those toxic and pollutant agrochemicals. However, the success of the strategies using bioproducts can be seriously jeopardized in the presence of biological agents exerting a defence suppression effect. In this report, we show that the response defence induced in plant by the elicitor AsES from the fungus Acremonium strictum can be suppressed by a diffusible compound produced by isolate M11 of C. acutatum. Results revealed that strawberry plants treated with conidia of the isolated M11 or the culture supernatant of the isolate M11 suppress: ROS accumulation (e.g., H2O2, O2·- and NO), cell wall reinforcement (e.g., lignin and callose), and the up-regulation of defence-related genes (e.g., FaPR1, FaCHI23, FaPDF1.2, FaCAT, FaCDPK, FaCML39) induced by the elicitor AsES. Additionally, we show that the defence suppressing effect causes a systemic sensitization of plants. Results presented here highlights the necessity to make an integral study of the microbiome present in soils and plant biosphere before applying defence activation bioproducts to control crop diseases.
  • Lipid-dependent Akt-ivity: where, when, and how. [Review]
  • BSBiochem Soc Trans 2019 May 30
  • Siess KM, Leonard TA
  • Akt is an essential protein kinase activated downstream of phosphoinositide 3-kinase and frequently hyperactivated in cancer. Canonically, Akt is activated by phosphoinositide-dependent kinase 1 and …
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