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4,253 results
  • ALDH1A3 Regulations of Matricellular Proteins Promote Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation. [Journal Article]
    iScience 2019; 19:872-882Xie X, Urabe G, … Kent CK
  • Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) proliferation promotes intimal hyperplasia (IH) in occluding vascular diseases. Here we identified a positive role of ALDH1A3 (an aldehyde dehydrogenase) in this pro-IH process. The expression of ALDH1A3, but not that of 18 other isoforms of the ALDH family, was substantially increased in cytokine-stimulated VSMCs. PDGF(BB) stimulated VSMC total ALDH activity an…
  • Disulfiram Overcomes Cisplatin Resistance in Human Embryonal Carcinoma Cells. [Journal Article]
    Cancers (Basel) 2019; 11(9)Schmidtova S, Kalavska K, … Kucerova L
  • Cisplatin resistance in testicular germ cell tumors (TGCTs) is a clinical challenge. We investigated the underlying mechanisms associated with cancer stem cell (CSC) markers and modalities circumventing the chemoresistance. Chemoresistant models (designated as CisR) of human embryonal carcinoma cell lines NTERA-2 and NCCIT were derived and characterized using flow cytometry, gene expression, func…
  • An Updated Review on Disulfiram: Molecular Targets and Strategies for Cancer Treatment. [Journal Article]
    Curr Pharm Des 2019Yang Q, Yao Y, … Yang H
  • Repurposing already approved drugs as new anticancer agents is a promising strategy since the advantages of low costs, low risks and time-saving. Disulfiram (DSF), as the first drug for anti-alcoholism, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over 60 years ago. Increasing evidence indicates that DSF has a great potential for the treatment of various human cancers. Several mech…
  • Differential Susceptibility of Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma Species to Compound-Enhanced Copper Toxicity. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol 2019; 10:1720Totten AH, Crawford CL, … Atkinson TP
  • CONCLUSIONS: MICs for CuSO4 differ widely among human mollicutes, with higher MICs for Mpn compared to Mh, Uu, and Up. DSF and Neocuproine exhibit Cu-dependent inhibition of mollicutes with copper concentrations between 25 and 50 μM. GTSM has copper-dependent anti-microbial activity at low levels of copper. Drug enhanced copper toxicity is a promising avenue for novel therapeutic development research with Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma species.
  • Disulfiram and Hypotension in a 53-year-old Woman. [Journal Article]
    R I Med J (2013) 2019; 102(6):44-46Lash E, Hack JB
  • We describe a case of disulfiram-ethanol reaction in a patient presenting with altered mental status. The patient was found to be profoundly hypotensive, requiring multiple vasopressor agents. As the symptoms associated with disulfiram reaction are non-specific, it is important to maintain a high level of suspicion for drug reaction when caring for the undifferentiated altered and hypotensive pat…
  • Pharmacogenetics of alcohol addiction: current perspectives. [Journal Article]
    Appl Clin Genet 2019; 12:131-140Zastrozhin MS, Skryabin VY, … Sychev DA
  • Genetics of alcohol addiction is currently a contradictive and complex field, where data in the most studies reflect methods' limitations rather than meaningful and complementary results. In our review, we focus on the genetics of alcohol addiction, leaving genetics of acute alcohol intoxication out of the scope. A review of the literature on pharmacogenetic biomarkers development for the pharmac…
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