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  • Partial memory reinstatement while (lucid) dreaming to change the dream environment. [Journal Article]
    Conscious Cogn. 2020 Jun 29; 83:102974.Mallett R
  • Lucid dreams often coincide with having control over dream events in real-time, although the limitations of dream control are not completely understood. The current study probed the ability of lucid dreamers to reinstate waking scene memories while dreaming. After brief exposure to an experimental scene, participants were asked to reinstate the scene while lucid dreaming (i.e., change dream scene…
  • Sleep coaching: non-pharmacological treatment of non-restorative sleep in Austrian railway shift workers. [Journal Article]
    Arh Hig Rada Toksikol. 2019 Sep 01; 70(3):186-193.Holzinger B, Mayer L, … Klösch G
  • Sleep coaching by Holzinger & Klösch™ is a new, Gestalt therapy-based holistic approach to non-pharmacological treatment of non-restorative sleep. It includes psychotherapeutic aspects which enable participants to improve their sleep quality by developing their own coping strategies as a daily routine. Dream work and relaxation techniques are also part of the programme. The aim of this study was …
  • Decline of "the American Dream"? Outlook toward the Future across Three Generations of Midwest Families. [Journal Article]
    Soc Forces. 2020 Jun; 98(4):1403-1435.Mortimer JT, Mont'Alvao A, Aronson P
  • Expansion of higher education and long-term economic growth have fostered high aspirations among adolescents. Recently, however, deteriorating labor force opportunities, particularly since the "Great Recession," and rising inequality have challenged the "American Dream." To assess how parental and adolescent outlooks have evolved over time, we examine shifts in future orientations across three ge…
  • Metoprolol-Associated Central Nervous System Complications. [Case Reports]
    Cureus. 2020 May 22; 12(5):e8236.Shah R, Babar A, … Jordan J
  • Metoprolol is a common medication used by the elderly because it is affordable and has proven to decrease mortality in cardiovascular disease. Multiple studies have reported central nervous system (CNS) side effects associated with use of beta-blockers. The risk of beta-blocker CNS side effects is directly associated with the lipophilic property of the drug. We present the case of an 84-year-old …
  • DREAM-in-CDM Approach and Identification of a New Generation of Anti-inflammatory Drugs Targeting mPGES-1. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2020 06 23; 10(1):10187.Zhou S, Zhou Z, … Zhan CG
  • Microsomal prostaglandin E2 synthase-1 (mPGES-1) is known as an ideal target for next generation of anti-inflammatory drugs without the side effects of currently available anti-inflammatory drugs. However, there has been no clinically promising mPGES-1 inhibitor identified through traditional drug discovery and development route. Here we report a new approach, called DREAM-in-CDM (Drug Repurposin…
  • A cognitive profile of multi-sensory imagery, memory and dreaming in aphantasia. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 22; 10(1):10022.Dawes AJ, Keogh R, … Pearson J
  • For most people, visual imagery is an innate feature of many of our internal experiences, and appears to play a critical role in supporting core cognitive processes. Some individuals, however, lack the ability to voluntarily generate visual imagery altogether - a condition termed "aphantasia". Recent research suggests that aphantasia is a condition defined by the absence of visual imagery, rather…
  • Development and maintenance of a medical education research registry. [Journal Article]
    BMC Med Educ. 2020 Jun 19; 20(1):199.Wilhite JA, Altshuler L, … Kalet A
  • CONCLUSIONS: We have built a community of practice through the building of DREAM and hope, by persisting in this work the full potential of this tool and the community will be realized. While researchers with access to the registry have focused primarily on curricular/ program evaluation, learner competency assessment, and measure validation, we hope to expand the output of the registry to include patient outcomes by linking learner educational and clinical performance across the UME-GME continuum and into independent practice. Future publications will reflect our efforts in reaching this goal and will highlight the long-term impact of our collaborative work.
  • The Cardiac Lipidome in Models of Cardiovascular Disease. [Review]
    Metabolites. 2020 Jun 17; 10(6)Tomczyk MM, Dolinsky VW
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide. There are numerous factors involved in the development of CVD. Among these, lipids have an important role in maintaining the myocardial cell structure as well as cardiac function. Fatty acids (FA) are utilized for energy, but also contribute to the pathogenesis of CVD and heart failure. Advances in mass spectrometry methods hav…
  • Imagining a habitable planet through food and health. [Review]
    Eur J Clin Nutr. 2020 Jun 17 [Online ahead of print]Wahlqvist ML
  • CONCLUSIONS: That we are socioecological beings with a destiny dependent on reconciling ourselves, as earthlings, as to how well we keep our place in the cosmos habitable. To that end we must dream and work.
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