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36 results
  • Hemineglect and Attentional Dysfunction. [Historical Article]
    Front Neurol Neurosci 2019; 44:89-99Langer KG, Piechowski-Jozwiak B, Bogousslavsky J
  • Tracing the history of neglect is intriguing, as diverse terminologies have been used to characterize a multi-factorial disorder with rather startling manifestations. In part, heterogeneous terms may have hinted at distinct subtypes. Thus, different variants of hemi-inattention and neglect relate conceptually, but may be functionally dissociable. Patients with neglect, acting as if the world-spac…
  • Perceiving "ghost" images: a unique case of visual allesthesia with hemianopsia in mitochondrial disease. [Case Reports]
    Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat 2014; 10:999-1002Murakami H, Ichikawa H, … Kawamura M
  • A 49-year-old man with mitochondrial disease presented with visual allesthesia, a rare and puzzling phenomenon. He was admitted for treatment because of convulsions. After the convulsions ceased, he exhibited left homonymous hemianopsia. Brain diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a high-intensity area in the right occipital lobe. Both the hemianopsia and the MRI activation i…
  • Atypical thoracic solitary plasmacytoma. [Journal Article]
    Ann Rehabil Med 2012; 36(5):739-43Kim DH, Yoo SD, … Hong DW
  • Plasmacytoma is a rare disease, which afflicts 2 to 3 people per every 100,000 of the general population. Solitary plasmacytoma accounts for 5% of the plasma cell neoplasm. Solitary plasmacytoma of the bone appears more vividly in the axial skeleton (25-60%), which has the red marrow and usually affects the thoracic vertebrae. We report a case of 54-year-old man who has a chest pain on the right …
  • [A case of falcotentorial meningioma with visual allesthesia]. [Case Reports]
    No To Shinkei 2002; 54(3):255-9Arai T, Irie K, … Abe T
  • Visual allesthesia, in which visual images are transposed from one homonymous half-field of visual field to another, is a rare phenomenon. Palinopsia is the persistence or recurrence of visual images after the exciting stimulus object has been removed. Some authors have reported these phenomena, but these pathophysiology has not been understood. We report a right-handed 63-year-old woman, with a …
  • [Attention systems and unilateral neglect]. [Review]
    Rev Neurol 2001 Mar 1-15; 32(5):478-83Ollari JA
  • Unilateral neglect can be defined as an impairment to detect, refer, orient or respond to stimuli presented contralaterally to a cerebral lesion, without any impairments in sensory-motor elementary functions. Development. The first descriptions were those of Hughlings Jackson (1876) and Anton (1893). The most important feature of the syndrome is a lateralization bias, which is directional in natu…
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