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1,112 results
  • The therapeutic effects of edaravone on collagen-induced arthritis in rats. [Journal Article]
    J Cell Biochem 2019Zhang X, Ye G, … Wei Q
  • Current research suggests that synovial phagocytic cells remove excessive amounts of free oxygen radicals (reactive oxygen species [ROS]), thereby preventing damage to synovial tissues. Moreover, ROS may affect the expression of growth arrest and DNA damage inducible α (GADD45A), thus further promoting the activation of synovial fibroblasts. Male adult rats were assessed for progression of collag…
  • The protective effect of edaravone on memory impairment induced by chronic sleep deprivation. [Journal Article]
    Psychiatry Res 2019; 281:112577Alzoubi KH, Al Mosabih HS, Mahasneh AF
  • Sleep plays a critical role in body health maintenance, whereas sleep deprivation (SD) negatively affects cognitive function. Cognitive defects mainly memory impairment resulting from sleep deprivation were related to an increase in the level of oxidative stress in the body, including the brain hippocampus region. Edaravone is a potent free radical scavenger having antioxidant effect. In the curr…
  • Protective effect of edaravone on blood-brain barrier by affecting NRF-2/HO-1 signaling pathway. [Journal Article]
    Exp Ther Med 2019; 18(4):2437-2442Liu J, Jiang Y, … Du S
  • Protective effect of edaravone on blood-brain barrier (BBB) in experimental cerebral infarction rats was investigated. SD rats were prepared as the permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion model and randomly divided into 4 groups: cerebral infarction model group, edaravone low, medium and high dose groups. Healthy rats only for operation and no filament were selected as the sham operation contr…
  • Edaravone, a free radical scavenger, protects against ferroptotic cell death in vitro. [Journal Article]
    Exp Cell Res 2019; 384(1):111592Homma T, Kobayashi S, … Fujii J
  • Ferroptosis is characterized by an iron-dependent cell death with increased lipid peroxidation and is typically induced by either a decrease in glutathione (GSH) levels due to an insufficient supply of cysteine (Cys) or the inhibition of phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase (Gpx4). While lipid peroxides are the direct trigger for ferroptosis, the issue of how radical species involve …
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