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(effort syndrome)
5,947 results
  • Whole Exome Sequencing Among 26 Patients With Indeterminate Acute Liver Failure: A Pilot Study. [Journal Article]
    Clin Transl Gastroenterol 2019Rakela J, Rule J, … Acute Liver Failure Study Group
  • CONCLUSIONS: We found 12 variants of 11 genes significantly associated with ALF among adults with indeterminate etiology. We also found a significant asymmetric distribution of 2 variants belonging to the CYP2D7 and CYP2D6 genes, respectively, between those who survived spontaneously and those who died or underwent liver transplantation. The 2 most common variants, rs4940595 and rs1135840, of the SERPINB11 and CYP2D6 genes, respectively, found in our patients with ALF have been described as potentially important in the adaptive response combating the emergence of infectious diseases and associated with hepatotoxicity of antituberculous therapy, respectively. Our findings need to be expanded to include more patients with indeterminate ALF as well as viral, drug toxicity, and autoimmune etiologies to determine whether our findings are associated with the specific etiology, indeterminate, or with the overall ALF syndrome itself.
  • Neuro-computational Impact of Physical Training Overload on Economic Decision-Making. [Journal Article]
    Curr Biol 2019; 29(19):3289-3297.e4Blain B, Schmit C, … Pessiglione M
  • Overtraining syndrome is a form of burnout, defined in endurance athletes by unexplained performance drop associated with intense fatigue sensation. Our working hypothesis is that the form of fatigue resulting from physical training overload might share some neural underpinnings with the form of fatigue observed after prolonged intellectual work, which was previously shown to affect the cognitive…
  • Peripheral Amyloid Precursor Protein Derivative Expression in Fragile X Syndrome. [Journal Article]
    Front Integr Neurosci 2019; 13:49McLane RD, Schmitt LM, … Erickson CA
  • Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the most common inherited form of intellectual disability and is associated with increased risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety, ADHD, and epilepsy. While our understanding of FXS pathophysiology has improved, a lack of validated blood-based biomarkers of disease continues to impede bench-to-bedside efforts. To meet this demand, there is a growing effort to…
  • Novel causes and consequences of overtraining syndrome: the EROS-DISRUPTORS study. [Journal Article]
    BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil 2019; 11:21Cadegiani FA, Kater CE
  • CONCLUSIONS: OTS can be independently triggered by eating patterns, regardless of training patterns, while the occurrence of OTS reduced late hormonal responses and the testosterone-to-estradiol ratio, worsened mood, and affected the immunology panel. These novel findings may explain underperformance, which is the key characteristic of OTS.
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