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117 results
  • Definitive Obturator Fabrication for Partial Maxillectomy Patient. [Case Reports]
    Case Rep Dent. 2020; 2020:6513210.Singh M, Limbu IK, … Singh RK
  • Maxillectomy defects can result in oroantral communication that causes difficulty in mastication and deglutition, impaired speech, and facial disfigurement. The prosthodontist plays an important role in the rehabilitation of such defects with obturators. This paper describes a clinical report of fabricating a definitive obturator with a cast metal framework using a single flask and one-time proce…
  • Assessing the accuracy of two posterior tooth-size discrepancy prediction methods based on virtual occlusal setups. [Journal Article]
    Angle Orthod. 2020 03; 90(2):239-246.Fallis DW
  • CONCLUSIONS: The JB analysis correctly characterized, but overestimated, the degree of posterior ITSDs corresponding to a clinically significant discrepancy in the virtual setups. Algebraically calculated posterior ITSDs based on the Overall and Anterior Bolton ratios were not accurate predictors of discrepancies observed in the virtual setups. Both Bolton and JB demonstrated weaknesses that limit precise identification of clinically significant ITSDs.
  • [Relationship of orthodontic treatment and periodontal hard tissue health]. [Journal Article]
    Hua Xi Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2019 Aug 01; 37(4):343-349.Meng S, Lin YL, … Xu Y
  • Periodontal tissue, especially the alveolar bone, are closely associated with the progress and efficacy of orthodontic treatment. Prior to and during orthodontic treatment, dentists should fully evaluate the status of periodontal hard tissues to prevent clinical problems. This article aims to discuss bone issues associated with orthodontic treatment, including gingival papilla absence, alveolar b…
  • Details of pleasing smiles. [Journal Article]
    Int J Esthet Dent. 2018; 13(4):494-514.Oliveira PLE, Motta A, … Mucha J
  • CONCLUSIONS: The following characteristics were observed from the selected most attractive smiles: parallel smile arc, oval-shaped incisors with square-rounded edges, increase of the incisal embrasure and reduction of connector space in distal progression, display of maxillary incisors and minimum display of mandibular teeth, gingival margin of central incisors 0.5 mm coronal to the canines and 0.8 mm apical to the lateral incisors, posterior gingival display of 1.5 mm, less than 20% of buccal corridor and display of 12 teeth, and canines with -2 degrees of inclination. The most attractive smiles also had an absence of asymmetries, diastemas, black spaces, incisal plane inclination, and anterior gingival display.
  • Papilla reconstruction: Interdisciplinary consideration for clinical success. [Case Reports]
    J Esthet Restor Dent. 2018 11; 30(6):484-491.Carnio J, Carnio AT
  • One of the most difficult achievements in the periodontal therapy is the reconstruction of interdental papilla that has been lost by periodontal disease. The poor esthetic appearance caused by the "black triangle," especially in the maxillary anterior region has been a concern for both patients and professionals. However, when the papilla destruction is followed by loss of contact point, the use …
  • Papilla height in relation to the distance between bone crest and interproximal contact point at single-tooth implants: A systematic review. [Review]
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2018 Mar; 29 Suppl 15:50-61.Roccuzzo M, Roccuzzo A, Ramanuskaite A
  • CONCLUSIONS: There is limited evidence that the vertical distance from the base of the interproximal contact point to the crestal bone level seems to affect the interproximal papilla height; that is, the lower is the distance the higher is the percentage of papilla fill. Complete embrasure fill between an implant restoration and the adjacent tooth seems to be correlated with the integrity of the periodontal ligament of the tooth. To reduce the risk of aesthetic failures, interproximal probing on the adjacent teeth should be encouraged before implant placement.
  • Morphological Simulation of Different Incisal Embrasures: Perception of Laypersons, Orthodontic Patients, General Dentists and Orthodontists. [Journal Article]
    J Esthet Restor Dent. 2017 Feb; 29(1):68-78.Eduarda Assad Duarte M, Martins Machado R, … Trindade Motta A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The form of the incisal embrasures associated with gingival display influenced the evaluators' esthetic perception. There was a statistically significant difference between the groups of patients and orthodontists.Incisal embrasures play an important role in smile esthetics and influence the attractiveness perception. In general, the semi-rounded embrasure form is the most preferred. Different groups' perceptions on tooth morphology reinforce the importance of patient participation in treatment planning. (J Esthet Restor Dent 29:68-78, 2017).
  • [Relationship between crown form of upper central incisors and papilla filling in Chinese Han-nationality youth]. [Journal Article]
    Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2016 10 18; 48(5):866-870.Yang X, Le D, … Hu WJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: The proportion of clinical crown form of upper central incisor in Chinese Han-nationality youth is obtained. Compared with triangle form, square form is found to favor a gingival papilla that fills the interproximal embrasure space. The consistency of the present classification method for upper central incisor is not satisfying, which indicates that a new classification method, more scientific and objective than the present one, is to be found.
  • Numerical simulation of the fracture process in ceramic FPD frameworks caused by oblique loading. [Journal Article]
    J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2015 Oct; 50:206-14.Kou W, Qiao J, … Sjögren G
  • Using a newly developed three-dimensional (3D) numerical modeling code, an analysis was performed of the fracture behavior in a three-unit ceramic-based fixed partial denture (FPD) framework subjected to oblique loading. All the materials in the study were treated heterogeneously; Weibull׳s distribution law was applied to the description of the heterogeneity. The Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion wi…
  • Gingival Embrasure Fill In Fixed Implant-Supported Prosthetics: A Review. [Review]
    J Oral Implantol. 2015 Dec; 41(6):e297-300.Flanagan D
  • After provisional or definitive cementation of fixed implant-supported prostheses, spontaneous gingival proliferation may occur to fill the cervical embrasure areas of the prosthesis. Adequate oral hygiene, osseous spacing between the supporting implants and attached or immovable soft tissue may be the conditions that allow this phenomenon. This proliferation embrasure fill eliminates interproxim…
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