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1,749 results
  • Calyciphylline B-type Alkaloids: Evolution of a Synthetic Strategy to (-)-Daphlongamine H. [Journal Article]
    J Org Chem 2019Hugelshofer CL, Palani V, Sarpong R
  • We provide a full account of our synthetic studies targeting the hexacyclic calyciphylline B-type alkaloids, a subfamily of the Daphniphyllum natural products. Following an initial set of synthetic strategies focused on constructing the piperidine core of the calyciphylline B-type framework via a 6π-azaelectrocyclization, as well as exploiting the reactivity of underexplored oxazaborinine heteroc…
  • Design and Characterization of SGK3-PROTAC1, an Isoform Specific SGK3 Kinase PROTAC Degrader. [Journal Article]
    ACS Chem Biol 2019; 14(9):2024-2034Tovell H, Testa A, … Alessi DR
  • SGK3 is a PX domain containing protein kinase activated at endosomes downstream of class 1 and 3 PI3K family members by growth factors and oncogenic mutations. SGK3 plays a key role in mediating resistance of breast cancer cells to class 1 PI3K or Akt inhibitors, by substituting for the loss of Akt activity and restoring proliferative pathways such as mTORC1 signaling. It is therefore critical to…
  • Unified Approach toward Syntheses of Juglomycins and Their Derivatives. [Journal Article]
    ACS Omega 2019; 4(7):11737-11748Yoshioka K, Kamo S, … Kuramochi K
  • A unified and common intermediate strategy for syntheses of juglomycins and their derivatives is reported. The use of a 1,4-dimethoxynaphthalene derivative as a key intermediate enabled easy access to various juglomycin derivatives. In this study, juglomycins A-D, juglomycin C amide, khatmiamycin and its 4-epimer, and the structure proposed for juglomycin Z were synthesized from this intermediate…
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