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(exercise accumulation)
3,999 results
  • Balance performance and related soft tissue components across three age groups. [Journal Article]
    Health Care Women Int 2019; :1-15Lee YS, Nichols JF, … Hovell M
  • With the aging process, falls and related injuries are common and unwanted events among older women. Lost balance is the last step before the frequent experience of falls. After menopause, women's bone conditions regarding health and balance performance steeply decline often resulting in serious injury. Our purpose in the study is to identify balance performance and its associations with soft tis…
  • Incubation with sodium nitrite attenuates fatigue development in intact single mouse fibres at physiological PO2. [Journal Article]
    J Physiol 2019Bailey SJ, Gandra PG, … Nogueira L
  • CONCLUSIONS: •Dietary nitrate supplementation increases plasma nitrite concentration, which provides an oxygen-independent source of nitric oxide and can delay skeletal muscle fatigue. •Nitrate supplementation has been shown to increase myofibre calcium release and force production in mouse skeletal muscle during contractions at a supra-physiological oxygen tension, but it is unclear whether nitrite exposure can delay fatigue development and improve myofibre calcium handling at a near-physiological oxygen tension. •Single mouse muscle fibres acutely treated with nitrite had a lower force and cytosolic calcium concentration during single non-fatiguing contractions at a near-physiological oxygen tension. •Nitrite treatment delayed fatigue development during repeated fatiguing isometric contractions at near-physiological, but not at supra-physiological, oxygen tension in combination with better maintenance of myofilament calcium sensitivity and sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pumping. •These findings improve understanding of the mechanisms by which increased skeletal muscle nitrite exposure might be ergogenic and imply that this is related to improved calcium handling.
  • Exercise and metformin counteract altered mitochondrial function in the insulin-resistant brain. [Journal Article]
    JCI Insight 2019; 4(18)Ruegsegger GN, Vanderboom PM, … Nair KS
  • Insulin resistance associates with increased risk for cognitive decline and dementia; however, the underpinning mechanisms for this increased risk remain to be fully defined. As insulin resistance impairs mitochondrial oxidative metabolism and increases ROS in skeletal muscle, we considered whether similar events occur in the brain, which - like muscle - is rich in insulin receptors and mitochond…
  • Irisin Exerts Inhibitory Effect on Adipogenesis Through Regulation of Wnt Signaling. [Journal Article]
    Front Physiol 2019; 10:1085Ma EB, Sahar NE, … Huh JY
  • Irisin is an exercise-induced myokine known to induce adipocyte browning through induction of uncoupling protein 1. Recent studies have reported that irisin is also an adipokine. However, there is limiting evidence on the role of endogenous irisin from adipocytes. In this study we aim to elucidate the expression and secretion pattern of irisin during adipocyte differentiation and the role of endo…
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