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(exponential phase bacteria exponential phase bacteria)
4,750 results
  • Defining the impact of exoribonucleases in the shift between exponential and stationary phases. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2019; 9(1):16271Pobre V, Barahona S, … Arraiano CM
  • The transition between exponential and stationary phase is a natural phenomenon for all bacteria and requires a massive readjustment of the bacterial transcriptome. Exoribonucleases are key enzymes in the transition between the two growth phases. PNPase, RNase R and RNase II are the major degradative exoribonucleases in Escherichia coli. We analysed the whole transcriptome of exponential and stat…
  • Fungal Growth in Batch Culture - What We Could Benefit If We Start Looking Closer. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol 2019; 10:2391Vrabl P, Schinagl CW, … Burgstaller W
  • Since filamentous fungi rapidly adjust their metabolic properties to environmental changes, a rigorous standardization and characterization of cultivation conditions is necessary to obtain meaningful and reproducible results. In batch cultures, which are commonly characterized according to the classical growth curve in textbooks (i.e., lag, exponential, stationary, and declining phase), this is o…
  • Microbial Metabolic Capacity for Intestinal Folate Production and Modulation of Host Folate Receptors. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol 2019; 10:2305Engevik MA, Morra CN, … Versalovic J
  • Microbial metabolites, including B complex vitamins contribute to diverse aspects of human health. Folate, or vitamin B9, refers to a broad category of biomolecules that include pterin, para-aminobenzoic acid (pABA), and glutamate subunits. Folates are required for DNA synthesis and epigenetic regulation. In addition to dietary nutrients, the gut microbiota has been recognized as a source of B co…
  • Thalassotalea mangrovi sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from marine mangrove sediment. [Journal Article]
    Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2019; 69(11):3644-3649Zheng S, Zhang D, … Xu H
  • A novel Gram-stain-negative, strictly aerobic bacterium that has a rod-like shape with a single polar flagellum in the exponential phase of growth and a spherical or ovoid shape without a flagellum in the stationary phase was isolated from a mangrove wetland sediment sample collected at Beilun Estuary National Nature Reserve, Guangxi Province, PR China and designated strain ZS-4T. This strain gre…
  • Oxidative Disinfectants Activate Different Responses in Vibrio parahaemolyticus. [Journal Article]
    J Food Prot 2019; 82(11):1890-1895Tso KM, Ni B, Wong HC
  • Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a prevalent seafoodborne enteropathogen that has become a global concern since the spread of its pandemic strain in 1996. This study investigates the responses of this pathogen to the oxidative disinfectants hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and peracetic acid. Expression of the regulator genes oxyR and rpoS, determined by reverse transcription PCR, in V. parahaemoly…
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