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9,812 results
  • Evidence for the facultative intracellular behaviour of the fish pathogen Vibrio ordalii. [Journal Article]
    J Fish Dis 2019Avendaño-Herrera R, Arias-Muñoz E, … Irgang R
  • Vibrio ordalii is an extracellular, Gram-negative bacterium that produces vibriosis in salmonids. While pathogenesis is not fully understood, this bacterium has numerous likely genes for adhesion, colonization, invasion factors and, as recently suggested, intracellular behaviour. Therefore, this study aimed to clarify possible intracellular behaviour for V. ordalii Vo-LM-18 and ATCC 33509T in the…
  • Testing for a facultative locomotor mode in the acquisition of archosaur bipedality. [Journal Article]
    R Soc Open Sci 2019; 6(7):190569Grinham LR, VanBuren CS, Norman DB
  • Bipedal locomotion is a defining characteristic of humans and birds and has a profound effect on how these groups interact with their environment. Results from extensive hominin research indicate that there exists an intermediate stage in hominin evolution-facultative bipedality-between obligate quadrupedality and obligate bipedality that uses both forms of locomotion. It is assumed that archosau…
  • Characterization of D-Arabitol as Newly Discovered Carbon Source of Bacillus methanolicus. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol 2019; 10:1725López MG, Irla M, … Wendisch VF
  • Bacillus methanolicus is a Gram-positive, thermophilic, methanol-utilizing bacterium. As a facultative methylotroph, B. methanolicus is also known to utilize D-mannitol, D-glucose and, as recently discovered, sugar alcohol D-arabitol. While metabolic pathways for utilization of methanol, mannitol and glucose are known, catabolism of arabitol has not yet been characterized in B. methanolicus. In t…
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