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(fasting blood test)
20,218 results
  • Postpartum Care: An Approach to the Fourth Trimester. [Journal Article]
    Am Fam Physician 2019; 100(8):485-491Paladine HL, Blenning CE, Strangas Y
  • The postpartum period, defined as the 12 weeks after delivery, is an important time for a new mother and her family and can be considered a fourth trimester. Outpatient postpartum care should be initiated within three weeks after delivery in person or by phone, and may require multiple contacts with the patient to fully address needs and concerns. A full assessment is recommended within 12 weeks.…
  • Characterization of Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors and Health-Related Behaviors in Korean Patients With Breast Cancer by Abdominal Obesity Status. [Journal Article]
    J Nurs Res 2019Kim HJ, Kim HS, … Song BJ
  • CONCLUSIONS: This observational study found more metabolic syndrome risk factors in the abdominal obesity group than the nonabdominal obesity group. Consumption of sweet foods and overeating were higher and the frequencies of vegetable intake and exercise were lower in the abdominal obesity group. These findings suggest that female abdominally obese patients with breast cancer exhibit health-related behaviors that require improvement and better management. Interventional programs should be developed based on the findings of this study to reduce cancer recurrence and mortality in patients with breast cancer.
  • Orthostatic change in systolic blood pressure associated with cold pressor reflection and heart rate variability in the elderly. [Journal Article]
    Clin Exp Hypertens 2019; :1-11Dong Y, Cui Y, … Wang J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Aggressive variability of supine-to-orthostatic systolic BP might be significantly associated with the imbalance of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, especially high sensitivity sympathetic response in the elderly. Abbreviations: BP: blood pressure; BMI: body mass index; CPT: cold pressor test; HRV: heart rate variability; SDNN: standard deviation of all normal-to-normal R-R intervals; SDNN index: mean of the standard deviations of all 5-min normal-to-normal R-R intervals of the entire recording; SDANN: standard deviation of the averages of normal-to-normal R-R intervals during all 5-min periods of the entire recording; rMSSD: square root of the mean squared differences between successive normal R-R intervals; pNN50: number of adjacent normal R-R intervals differing by more than 50 ms; VLF: very low frequency; LF: low frequency; HF: high frequency; TCHO: total cholesterol; HDL-c: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-c: low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; FPG: fasting plasma glucose; SD: standard deviation.
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