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113,630 results
  • Gas-phase induced Marangoni flow causes unstable drop merging. [Journal Article]
    Langmuir 2019Rostami P, Straub B, Auernhammer GK
  • Merging of drops plays a key role in many processes from simple raining to complex coating applications. In technical applications, often liquids with different surface tensions merge on a substrate like ink-jet printing. For a suitable set of surface tensions, one drop can form a stable wetting film that is covering the other drop. Here, we explore the dynamics of driven wetting films and show a…
  • Disassembly of Nanospheres with a PEG Shell Upon Adsorption onto PEGylated Substrates. [Journal Article]
    Langmuir 2019Patel A, Lima MRN, … Kohn J
  • Polymeric nanospheres have the ability to encapsulate drugs, and are therefore widely used in drug delivery applications. Structural transformations that affect drug release from nanospheres are governed by the surrounding environment. To understand these effects, we investigated the adsorption behavior of three types of nanospheres onto model surfaces using quartz crystal microbalance with dissi…
  • MXene Derived Metal-Organic Frameworks. [Journal Article]
    J Am Chem Soc 2019Wu H, Almalki M, … Alshareef HN
  • Synthesis of nanoscale metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) is a highly challenging task because conventional soluble metal salt precursors are not easy to manipulate spatially, thus normally leading to bulk MOFs. In the present work, V2CTx MXene is demonstrated for the first time as a metal precursor to fabricate two dimensional (2D) MOF nanosheets, whose thickness (6 to 18 nm) can be tuned by varyin…
  • [Differential diagnostics of meconium and feces in traces on material evidences]. [Journal Article]
    Sud Med Ekspert 2019; 62(6):42-46Chetvertnova AP, Fedorovcev AL, Edelev NS
  • The objective of the study was to develop methods of determining the presence of meconium and feces in traces on material evidences and criteria for differential diagnostics of these secretions. The authors studied morphological, enzyme and pigment compositions of the samples of meconium obtained from fetus corpses, alive newborns, and that of feces obtained from adults, with the storage age at t…
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