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3,062,982 results
  • The Two Faces of First-Rank Symptoms. [Review]
    Psychopathology 2019; :1-11Picardi A
  • Recently, there has been renewed interest in Schneider's first-rank symptoms (FRS) of schizophrenia, thanks in part to a meta-analysis of their diagnostic accuracy, which deserves much credit for its methodological rigor. Conceptualising FRS as a diagnostic test whose performance can be measured in terms of sensitivity and specificity involves some issues that require reflection. First, the full …
  • Proton nutation spectroscopy. Application to the quantitation of water in a kaolinite sample. [Journal Article]
    J Magn Reson 2019; 309:106614Ferrari M, Moyne C, Canet D
  • Nutation consists in monitoring the motion of nuclear magnetization under the application of a radio-frequency field. Depending on the amplitude of the rf field, the nutation frequency may be sensitive to the two longitudinal and transverse relaxation rates R1 and R2, hence the possibility of differentiating species having the same resonance frequency in the laboratory frame (the Larmor frequency…
  • The effect of increased parasympathetic activity on perceived duration. [Journal Article]
    Conscious Cogn 2019; 76:102829Ogden RS, Henderson J, … Richter M
  • Theories of human temporal perception suggest that changes in physiological arousal distort the perceived duration of events. Behavioural manipulations of sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity support this suggestion, however the effects of behavioural manipulations of parasympathetic (PSNS) activity on time perception are unclear. The current study examined the effect of a paced respiration …
  • Toenails as biomarker of exposure to essential trace metals: A review. [Review]
    Environ Res 2019; 179(Pt A):108787Gutiérrez-González E, García-Esquinas E, … Pérez-Gómez B
  • Health problems associated with essential trace metals can result from both inadequate (i.e., low intake) and excessive exposures (i.e., from environmental and/or occupational source). Thus, measuring the exposure level is a real challenge for epidemiologists. Among non-invasive biomarkers that intend to measure long-term exposure to essential trace metals, the toenail is probably the biological …
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