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39,939 results
  • Synthesis and Glycosidase Inhibition of Broussonetine M and Its Analogues. [Journal Article]
    Molecules 2019; 24(20)Wu QK, Kinami K, … Jia YM
  • Cross-metathesis (CM) and Keck asymmetric allylation, which allows access to defined stereochemistry of a remote side chain hydroxyl group, are the key steps in a versatile synthesis of broussonetine M (3) from the d-arabinose-derived cyclic nitrone 14. By a similar strategy, ent-broussonetine M (ent-3) and six other stereoisomers have been synthesized, respectively, starting from l-arabino-nitro…
  • Chemovirotherapy for pancreatic cancer: Gemcitabine plus oncolytic measles vaccine virus. [Journal Article]
    Oncol Lett 2019; 18(5):5534-5542May V, Berchtold S, … Lauer UM
  • Oncolytic virotherapy with vaccine viruses employs replicative vectors, which quite selectively infect tumor cells leading to massive virus replication followed by subsequent profound tumor cell death (oncolysis). Measles vaccine virus (MeV) has already shown great oncolytic activity against different types of cancers, including pancreatic cancer. Gemcitabine is a first line chemotherapeutic drug…
  • Novel GLA Mutation Promotes Intron Inclusion Leading to Fabry Disease. [Case Reports]
    Front Genet 2019; 10:783Varela P, Caldas MM, Pesquero JB
  • Fabry disease (FD) is a rare and underdiagnosed X-linked disorder resulting from the deficient activity of the lysosomal hydrolase α-galactosidase A, which leads to storage of complex glycosphingolipids inside of lysosomes in critical organs and tissues, impairing their functions and consequently resulting in a progressive multisystem disease. FD is caused by mutations in the GLA gene, and only 4…
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