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9,763 results
  • Till 2018: a survey of biomolecular sequences in genus Panax. [Review]
    J Ginseng Res 2020; 44(1):33-43Boopathi V, Subramaniyam S, … Yang DC
  • Ginseng is popularly known to be the king of ancient medicines and is used widely in most of the traditional medicinal compositions due to its various pharmaceutical properties. Numerous studies are being focused on this plant's curative effects to discover their potential health benefits in most human diseases, including cancer- the most life-threatening disease worldwide. Modern pharmacological…
  • Anti-platelet role of Korean ginseng and ginsenosides in cardiovascular diseases. [Review]
    J Ginseng Res 2020; 44(1):24-32Irfan M, Kim M, Rhee MH
  • Cardiovascular diseases prevail among modern societies and underdeveloped countries, and a high mortality rate has also been reported by the World Health Organization affecting millions of people worldwide. Hyperactive platelets are the major culprits in thrombotic disorders. A group of drugs is available to deal with such platelet-related disorders; however, sometimes, side effects and complicat…
  • Advances in the chemistry, pharmacological diversity, and metabolism of 20(R)-ginseng saponins. [Review]
    J Ginseng Res 2020; 44(1):14-23Wang C, Liu J, … Meng Q
  • Ginseng has been used as a popular herbal medicine in East Asia for at least two millennia. However, 20(R)-ginseng saponins, one class of important rare ginsenosides, are rare in natural products. 20(R)-ginseng saponins are generally prepared by chemical epimerization and microbial transformation from 20(S)-isomers. The C20 configuration of 20(R)-ginseng saponins are usually determined by 13C NMR…
  • Medicinal potential of Panax ginseng and its ginsenosides in atopic dermatitis treatment. [Review]
    J Ginseng Res 2020; 44(1):8-13Lorz LR, Kim MY, Cho JY
  • Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic and relapsing inflammatory disease that affects 1%-20% of people worldwide. Despite affecting many people, AD current treatments, such as corticosteroids and calcineurin inhibitors, have not only harmful secondary effects but are also often ineffective. Therefore, natural nontoxic compounds are on high demand for developing new effective AD treatments. Panax gi…
  • Ginseng for an eye: effects of ginseng on ocular diseases. [Review]
    J Ginseng Res 2020; 44(1):1-7Kim J, Han SY, Min H
  • The sense of vision is the primary means by which we gather information from our surroundings, and vision loss, therefore, severely compromises the life of the affected individuals, their families, and society. Loss of vision becomes more frequent with age, and diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma are the major causes of vision impairment. To find active…
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