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12,921 results
  • Subcortical structural covariance in young children with autism spectrum disorder. [Journal Article]
    Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 2020; :109874Duan X, Wang R, … Chen H
  • Abnormalities in the structure of subcortical regions are central to numerous behaviors affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and these regions may undergo atypical coordinated neurodevelopment. However, relatively little is known about morphological correlations among subcortical structures in young children with ASD. In this study, using volumetric-based methodology and structural covaria…
  • Structural volumetry in NPH diagnostics and treatment-future or dead end? [Journal Article]
    Neurosurg Rev 2020Vlasák A, Skalický P, … Bradáč O
  • To assess automated volumetric analysis as a potential presurgical diagnostic tool or as a method to potentially shed light on normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) pathophysiology. MRI imaging according to our protocol was performed in 29 NPH patients, 45 non-NPH (but suspected) patients and 15 controls. Twenty patients underwent a second MRI 3 months after ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt surgery.…
  • Differential calcium channel-mediated dopaminergic modulation in the subthalamonigral synapse. [Journal Article]
    Synapse 2020; :e22149Robles-Gómez AA, Vega AV, … Barral J
  • Dopamine (DA) modulates basal ganglia (BG) activity for initiation and execution of goal-directed movements and habits. While most studies are aimed to striatal function, the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying dopaminergic regulation in other nuclei of the BG are not well understood. Therefore, we set to analyze the dopaminergic modulation occurring in subthalamo-nigral synapse, in both…
  • Lithium treatment impacts nucleus accumbens shape in bipolar disorder. [Journal Article]
    Neuroimage Clin 2020; 25:102167Vecchio D, Piras F, … Spalletta G
  • The effects of lithium treatment duration on deep grey matter structures in bipolar disorder are not well known. In this cross-sectional neuroimaging case-control study, we tested the hypothesis that shape characteristics of deep grey matter structures in bipolar disorder are associated with the duration of lithium treatment and with clinical phenomenology. In a setting of neuropsychiatry outpati…
  • A human mission to Mars: Predicting the bone mineral density loss of astronauts. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2020; 15(1):e0226434Axpe E, Chan D, … Appel EA
  • A round-trip human mission to Mars is anticipated to last roughly three years. Spaceflight conditions are known to cause loss of bone mineral density (BMD) in astronauts, increasing bone fracture risk. There is an urgent need to understand BMD progression as a function of spaceflight time to minimize associated health implications and ensure mission success. Here we introduce a nonlinear mathemat…
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